You will be required to write two report on the mentioned tw

You will be required to write two report on the mentioned two case… You will be required to write two report on the mentioned two case studies separately , giving strategies you would put in place to support when writing the reports.For each case study you must ensure you include the following:Recognise diagnostic processes used, including assessment tools, diagnostic categories and core areas of functional impactidentify issues which impact the individual, their families and/or carersensuring personal values are considered when planning and implementing support activitiesprovide and implement a range of interventions and supports that are effective for the individual and to support learning styles, ensuring they are measurable and evidence-basedConduct support activities which promotes person-centred outcomesYou may need to make assumptions when writing your report to justify your reasons for strategies used.Also consider:what ongoing professional development you would require to maintain service delivery outcomesthe legal and ethical framework when working on support strategies:are you working within your scopewhat are relevant statutory and legislative requirements surrounding this casewhat are professional standards you need to think aboutWithin the report You are required to satisfactorily address the key criteria, 1  Plan intervention and support strategiesRecognised what tools , assessments and/or categories have been used for individualUnderstanding of issues which may impact on the individual and/or familyConsideration of personal values and attitudes of individual when planning strategiesProfessional development that could be taken to maintain quality service delivery 2. Responding to the needs of the individualProvide a range of support and/or interventionsEnsure effectiveness of support and/or interventionsImplementation of strategies are done in collaboration with assessments made on individualVariations of learning styles are consideredEnsure person-centred outcomes are achievedEnsure strategies implemented are measureable and evidence-based3. Work within legal and ethical frameworkValues, philosophies and standards of the sector are consideredUnderstanding of working within scopeStatutory and legislative requirements are taken into considerationCASE STUDY 1- JACKSON Jackson is a 25 year old adult who enjoys watching sports (especially football), politics and technology.  He has a younger brother Paul and lives with his family on a farm, an hour away from the city.Jackson has been assessed at different parts of the spectrum throughout his childhood and was diagnosed as moderately autistic.Both primary and secondary school was very challenging for Jackson.  Jackson and his brother changed schools 5 times.  Jackson was bullied by his peers regularly.  Jackson’s classmates would call him Jack knowing that he disliked that name.  He would be hurt and angered every time he was called Jack and would become agitated and anxious, especially when everyone was playing on the playground as he was not very agile with ball games.Jackson learned, however, that he could make friends in the library where he felt more comfortable and relaxed.To help with anxiety and stress, Jackson wears a lanyard around his neck at all times with a piece of fabric on the end of it. Any time Jackson feels anxious, he rubs the fabric.  This helps Jackson de-stress and calms him down.After graduating from secondary school, Jackson wanted to find work and be independent.  He was assessed and was told he was unemployable.  He now works at his old primary school in the IT department, and on occasions, will help in the classroom, teaching the children mathematics.Jackson would like to explore independent living options close to work as his parents are his current carers and are in their 80’s.His family would like to see him enjoy his independence.  He would need help with cooking, dressing and washing. CASE STUDY 2  – SAMANTHA Samantha is a 5 year old child who was diagnosed with ASD with a severity requiring substantial support at age 4 by her paediatrician.   Samantha is in 1st grade and has seen an occupational therapist for the past 3 years.  The OT also supports the school in developing strategies for working with Samantha. Samantha has difficulty maintaining social interactions and engaging in age appropriate play with her peers and siblings. Samantha’s parents have expressed that Samantha responds best to a set routine.  This is both at home and at school.  When there are changes to her routine, Samantha has difficulty and her behaviour escalates and she needs assistance to calm down in a non-stimulating environment. Other observations are that Samantha has trouble concentrating at school and difficulties interacting with her peers throughout the day.Samantha’s parents would like an “in-home” evaluation and recommendation from NDIS to develop a support plan for Samantha to optimise Samantha’s opportunities to improve her social skills, and assistance with daily routines at home and at school.  Samantha’s family would be willing to commit to any help outside of the school to assist Samantha.  They would also like to explore respite or in-home support. Health Science Science Nursing

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