You the nurse are caring for Mr. Jones, a 27-year-old unempl

You the nurse are caring for Mr. Jones, a 27-year-old unemployed… You the nurse are caring for Mr. Jones, a 27-year-old unemployed male who developed endocarditis because of IV drug abuse which destroyed his mitral valve. He is admitted to your floor 4 weeks post mitral valve replacement, which has been paid for by Medicaid. On admission he has continued to use illicit IV drugs and has re-contaminated his new mitral valve, thus destroying it. He is scheduled to have a new valve surgery tomorrow even though he makes no promises he can “stay clean” this times:1. What are the ethical issues and principals involved in this case?2. Generate 3 s that need to be answered to make a soundethical decision in this case.3. Should the patient get the necessary procedure/operation?4. What is your role, moral duty and ethical obligations as the nursecaring for this patient?¬†Health Science Science Nursing

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