You have been asked to present Mehmet’s case to your colleag

You have been asked to present Mehmet’s case to your colleagues as… You have been asked to present Mehmet’s case to your colleagues as part of an in-service about type 2 Diabetes mellitus. You can find out more about what an in-service is here. (pdf, 66.9KB)Your presentation will focus on the therapies and interventions for the ongoing management of Mehmet’s condition. In all, you need to choose THREE (3) therapies / interventions from the lists below, about which you will educate your colleagues.Your presentation needs to demonstrate that you are speaking to your colleagues IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You can, as you would in an education session such as this, use notes, but you would not read everything from a script. You do NOT need to use a PowerPoint. You will be successful with this assessment if you demonstrate that you are explaining concepts,  A. From this list choose TWO (2) therapies to discuss:empagliflozinmetforminrosuvastatinramiprilYou need to do the following for each medication: describe the mechanism of ACTION/Sidentify the AIM of each therapy for Mehmetrelate each therapy to Mehmet’s pathophysiological presentationrefer briefly to any GUIDELINES which support the use of each medicationidentify one RISK or special consideration for Mehmet whilst taking each medicationidentify what evidence will demonstrate the EFFECTIVENESS of each therapyB. From this list choose ONE (1) therapeutic intervention from either of the following groups, to discuss:Group 1:If you choose one of this group, you need to identify the AIM of this intervention by discussing the intended physiological effects specific to Mehmet. You need to refer briefly to any GUIDELINES which support this intervention.  exercise plansmoking cessation planalcohol consumption plandietary planningORGroup 2:If you choose one from this group, you need to identify the AIM of this intervention by discussing what pathophysiological changes, specific to Mehmet, that the intervention is intended to detect. You need to identify what health impact those pathophysiological changes might have for Mehmet. You need to briefly refer to any GUIDELINES which support this intervention. yearly optometrist assessmentyearly renal function assessmentHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING CXA243

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