You are working in the emergency room when a mother brings i

You are working in the emergency room when a mother brings in her… You are working in the emergency room when a mother brings in her 20 year old daughter who has DM type 1 and has just returned from a trip to Mexico. She has had a 3 day fever and diarrhea with nausea and vomiting. She has been unable to eat and has tolerated only sips of fluid. Because she was not able to eat, she did not take her insulin as directed. Upon assessment you not her skin is warm and flushed. Her respirations are deep and rapid, and her breath is fruity and sweet smelling. C. J. is drowsy and unable to answer your s. Her mother states, “She keeps telling me she’s so thirsty, but she can’t keep anything down. You suspect that the patient is experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).What laboratory tests do you expect the physician to order to confirm a diagnosis of DKA?What assessment data from the case study supports the diagnosis of DKA?What are your 3 priorities of care at this time? Include the rationale for you choiceCJ’s vital signs are as follows: Blood pressure-90/50, heart rate-124, RR-36 and deep, temperature 101.3. Laboratory Test values: Glucose-777mg/dL, K+ 5.8. Relate each of these assessment findings to the pathophysiology of diabetic ketoacidosis.Which of the following ABG results would you expect to see in C. J.? What is the rationale for you choice?pH 7.40, Pa02 88, PaC02 34, HC03 23pH 7.48 Pa02 90, PaC02 30, HC03 28pH 7.27 Pa02 90, PaC02 50 HC03 20pH 7.26 Pa02 94 PaC02 23 HCo3 18What change would you expect to see on the patient’s ECG? What is causing this change?What IV fluid do you anticipate being administered to this patient?The patient has been started on an insulin drip. After reviewing the most recent blood sugar, you need to decrease the rate from 6 units to 4 units per hour. The insulin drip is 100 units/250 mL of normal saline. What is the current rate in mL/hr of the insulin drip? Calculate the new rate in mL/hr.Identify 2 complications will you be on alter for related to the patient’s insulin drip? What assessment data will tell you that these complications are occurring?The patient tells you that she is hungry and is requesting a dinner tray. How will you respond to the patient’s request?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 4150

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