You are the RN case manager in an inpatient mental health un

You are the RN case manager in an inpatient mental health unit…. You are the RN case manager in an inpatient mental health unit. S.T. is a 58 year-old, three time divorced female. She is brought to your unit by the police after being found at 4 a.m. walking in the middle of a highway against traffic. There were no signs of a struggle or evidence of rape. She was evicted from her apartment 2 weeks ago after refusing to pay the rent. Her children are in the legal custody of her first husband. She will be admitted involuntarily onto your unit.She is dressed in long, zebra-striped coat, red negligee, and dirty high-top sneakers. She has a strong body odor indicating poor hygiene. Her short, dyed, blonde hair is matted to her scalp. Red lipstick is smeared crudely on her lips and cheeks, and some of her fake red fingernails are chipped and broken. Her speech is rapid, pressured, and loud. Her mood is labile and her affect at this time is very bright. She states that she was looking for her “movie agent’ as the reason for walking on the highway at 4 a.m. She laughs off any suggestion that she may have been in danger, denies any need for treatment and denies any substance abuse. She does admit to an undetermined amount of weight loss stating, “I’m too busy to bother eating.”During your nursing assessment, she frequently starts singing and getting in and out of her chair. Her conversation is difficult to follow due to not completing sentences and moving rapidly form topic to topic. She refuses to sign the consent form to allow any family member to be contacted. You ask if she is currently being prescribed any medications, and if so, which ones she is taking. She replies, “Well, I was supposed to take lithium, but I don’t like it so I stopped taking it.” She cannot remember when she stopped taking this medication and refuses to discuss with you the reason she did not like to take it.1. Bipolar disorder is a disorder of mood, characterized by episodes of depression, mania or hypomania. What symptoms might you see if S.T. is experiencing mania or hypomania?2. Describe the two levels of bipolar disorder. How does hypomania differ from mania?Health Science Science Nursing NURS PSYCHIATRI

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