You are required to assess the Health Care Status of 3 diffe

You are required to assess the Health Care Status of 3 different… You are required to assess the Health Care Status of 3 different people. You will base your assessment on the Western Anatomical Science. If you choose you may employ a cross comparison model utilizing your knowledge of the Ayurvedic Anatomical Science.  Throughout this task you will need to keep a journal that outlines your experiences. For each of the three clients, you will need to identify answers to each of the following s in your journal:How did you gather required information about the physical health status of the client?How did your knowledge of body systems help you to interpret the information gathered?Did you identify any actual or potential health problems for the client? What factors were considered that may have impacted on an identified physical condition?What checks did you make of client health status prior to delivery of health intervention?Were there any significant physical health status issues or implications that were required to be clarified? How were they clarified?Was there anything outside you scope of capability or authority in relation to the health status of you client?Did you identify any variations from normal health status? How? What potential factors did you identify that could be responsible for significant variations from normal health status?Were there any potential risk factors identified associated with the variations?Was a referral required? Your journal must also include:Appropriate anatomical and medical terminology when referring to the human body or measurements in body systems from the Western perspective. Ayurvedic anatomical and medical terminology is optional. The journal should include a detailed report on each person in relation to the s however; you should ensure you remove all identifying information for privacy reasons. After you have confirmed the physical health of at least three clients, you will need to sit down with your assessor and discuss:The roles, responsibilities and limitations of the various care team members involved in the task, as they relate to checking and confirming client health status. The common disorders, problems and complaints identified throughout the experience, their signs and symptoms.Any cautions or contraindications identified or considered related to any pharmacology involved in the task. The variations from normal functioning and appropriate responses identified throughout the task, and the appropriate referral process made, or appropriate health care services provided. Identify and discuss the major types of cell adaptation. The following concepts:Levels of structural organisation of body systems.Human life processes, including biological maturation, inheritance and ageing.Homeostasis.The relationship between homeostatic imbalance and disease.Health Science Science Nursing H HLTAAP002

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