You are a 3rd year student nurse on your 1st semester, final

You are a 3rd year student nurse on your 1st semester, final year… You are a 3rd year student nurse on your 1st semester, final year placement on the Orthopaedic ward. It is now 1030 on your early shift and one of your allocated patients is Mr Jones who is a 75-year-old man. He has returned from the Operating theatre at 1000 this morning following an Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) to his left ankle under GA. Mr Jones fractured his ankle in the early hours of this morning after a fall at home. He has a PMH of Diabetes Mellitus type 2, AF, MI 6 months ago with subsequent APO 48 hours after his MI, and hypertension. On return to the ward at 1000 he was alert and orientated, his first set of vital signs were RR 16, Sp02 98% on 2L via nasal specs, HR 75 and regular, BP 110/75, temp 35.8. His wound dressing was dry and intact, wound drain was patent and draining with 50mls of blood present in the drain. His neurovascular observations were intact Pulse present, skin warm to touch, movement present (he can wriggle his toes), sensation present and pink in colour. At 1000 you commenced the new IVT bag of Normal Saline at 80mls/hr and he has not yet voided post op. He has just rung the bell and reports feeling very SOB and is complaining of chest pain and severe pain in his operated leg, you notice that he is breathing rapidly, speaking in short sentences, looks very panicked and his IVT bag is empty. Using the template provided to you on FLO please address the following s 1) List your nursing concerns for this patient. What are the actual nursing concerns? What are the potential nursing concerns? 2) Provide a brief reason (rationale) for each of these nursing concerns 3) List a minimum of 4 interventions that need to be instigated in order to provide safe and effective nursing care for this patient for the remainder of your shift 4) Provide a rationale/reason for each of these interventions. Demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between pathophysiology, pharmacology and evidence-based practice for this scenario in your rationale/reason. Your rationale/reason must be nursing focussed.Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3001

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