York University, Faculty of Health, School of Nursing Learni

York University, Faculty of Health, School of Nursing Learning… York University, Faculty of Health, School of Nursing Learning Summary and Ways of Being Self EvaluationNURS 4525 Community as Partner   Student’s Name: Sangita Baniya Pandey    Practicum Setting: COVID 19 testing clinic          Clinical Course Director: Mary McMahon     Date: 2022/03/27   Please summarize your learning during this community as partner placement by considering the following:   1.What are the themes that emerge from your experience? Community nursing placements play a progressively more important part in my learning experience emphasizing health care delivery to community care settings. The community placement on Covid 19 testing clinic was my first community experience in Canada and it influences my perception of working in the community and motivated me to learn about health care delivery in a community setting. I realized that in a pandemic how the primary health care worker delivered health care among the community to manage the Covid 19 breakout. The difference that I felt from my previous community experience is that technology plays a pivotal role in health care delivery.  What meaning do these themes have for you personally and for your nursing practice? In Covid clinic placement, the health care delivery system was directly related to a community member to control exposure as well as focused on continue  How has this experience changed you and how have you influenced the health of the aggregate you partnered with?  What was your biggest “light bulb” moment and why? In what ways did I specifically contribute to classroom peace (a la Chinn) in my ways of being with peers, team members, Course Director, Clinical Course Director and preceptors? Choose five and elaborate  Chinn’s Peace Powers for Building Community in the ClassroomPower of Process: “the process itself becomes an important focus for discussion along with the “content” in a classroom…” (p. 108).Power of Letting Go: “All participants let go of old habits and ways to make room for personal and collective growth” (p. 108).Power of Whole: “Mutual help networks within the group are encouraged. Old competitive habits are replaced with actions that reflect cooperation” (p. 108). Power of Collectivity: “Each person is taken into account in the group’s planning-in-process” (p. 109).Power of Unity: “By actively seeking to understand differing perspectives that each person bring, the group can more fully understand what unifies them” (p. 109). Power of Sharing: “All participants bring talents, skills, and abilities related to the work of the group, and actively engage in sharing their talents” (p. 109). Power of Integration: “Each individual’s unique and self-defined needs are acknowledged and integrated into the process” (p. 110).Power of Nurturing: The group respects each participant fully and unconditionally, and regards every person as necessary and integral to the experience of the group” (p. 110). Power of Distribution: “Resources required for the work of the group…are equally available and accessible to all members of the group” (p. 110).Power of Intuition: “What emerges as important for the group to address in the moment is what happens” (p. 111).Power of Consciousness: “The group values ethical dimensions of the process as fundamental to the goals and purposes assigned to the group… Part of each gathering is devoted to a Closing – Appreciation, Critical Reflection and Affirmation…” (p. 111).Power of Diversity: “The group plans and enacts deliberate processes to integrate points of view of individuals and groups whose perspectives they do not usually address” (p.111). Power of Responsibility: All participants assume full responsibility as the agent for their role in the process. Rotating Chair assures that everyone has a way to assume responsibility…” (p. 112).Chinn, P.L. (2001). Classrooms, communities, and institutional constraints. In Peace and power: Building communities for future (5th ed.) (pp. 105-112). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.    Health Science Science Nursing COMMUNITY NURS 4525

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