Yasmin is a 20-month-old female who was brought to the Emerg

Yasmin is a 20-month-old female who was brought to the Emergency… Yasmin is a 20-month-old female who was brought to the Emergency Department by her aunt. Yasmin’s aunt anxiously reports that the child has been having diarrhea for the past two days and “is not her usual self”. She adds that the child is fussy, and has not been sleeping, eating, or drinking well. Yasmin is spitting out the acetaminophen that her aunt has been trying to give her.  Yasmin’s aunt reports that her parents are out of town, but she does have the phone number of the hotel in which they are staying.Assessment:Weight: 11 kg Vital Signs: Heart Rate: 115Blood pressure: 92/57Respiratory rate: 30 per minute, no cyanosis or use of accessory muscles notedOxygen saturation: 95% on room air Temperature: 39.0 degrees CelsiusGeneral Appearance: Appears stated age. Height and weight proportionalCardiovascular: Tachycardic, pulse – regular and strong. Capillary refill <2 seconds.  Respiratory: Clear breath sounds Gastrointestinal: Hypoactive bowel sounds, is refusing fluidsUrinary: Aunt has not noticed fewer wet diapers in the last dayIntegumentary: Skin warm and dry to touch. Sticky mucous membranes. Dark circles under eyes. Skin recoils in < 2 seconds. Neurological: Awake, but fussy. Pupils equal, round, and reactive to light Connecting your research to the case study, summarize the information that you have found. Each idea must be supported by a reference. Block citations are not acceptable. Refer to Bow Valley College library resources. Identify three appropriate therapeutic communication techniques and how they would be used to help the nurse build a therapeutic relationship with the child and her aunt. (3 marks)Discuss three safety concerns related to Yasmin's hospital admission and developmental stage. (3 marks)Describe and provide rationale explaining 4 findings in Yasmin's assessment that are of concern. (4 marks)Identify two early and two late signs and symptoms of dehydration in pediatric patients. (4 marks)Describe the differences between mild, moderate, and severe dehydration in the pediatric patient. (3 marks)Outline and provide rationale explaining four priority nursing actions based upon your assessment of Yasmin. (4 marks)Explains the pathophysiological relationship between diarrhea, fluid and electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. (4 marks)Describe three common methods of treatment for dehydration and diarrhea in young children. (3 marks)Describe the proper administration technique that should be taught to the aunt to help her to administer an oral antipyretic to Yasmin on discharge to prevent her from spitting it out. (2 marks)Identify three assessment findings that indicate improvement in the dehydrated child. (3 marks)                                                                                              Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NURS2501

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