WRITTEN ACTIVITY GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS(APA FORM) WINDSHIELD… WRITTEN ACTIVITY GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS(APA FORM)WINDSHIELD SURVEY AND CONNECT TO THE CASE STUDY The purpose of a windshield survey is to explore available resources in a community. It can address many s about a community. One can obtain a feel for economic health by looking for places to earn and spend money. Housing conditions can often be hinted at by the age and condition of the homes. Anyone interested in elderly housing issues can look for accessible sidewalks, distances to shopping areas, housing alternatives, and recreational opportunities. Those with families should assess availability and proximity of schools, day cares, health centres, and public transportation. Resources in the community may include:Medical providers: clinics, hospitals, long term care centres, doctors’ offices, dental offices community health centres, public health centres, immunization clinics, homecare provider agenciesRecreational facilities: swimming pools, community centres, golf courses, seniors’ programsBusiness and public services: shopping, supermarkets, restaurants, postal services, drug stores, corner stores, fire or police stations, ambulance, transportationHousing:  apartments, residential, subsidized housing, seniors’ lodgesEducation, Cultural, Religious: churches, schools, post-secondary education facilitiesHandicapped services: parking stalls, ramps, washrooms   References must include online sources as well as course textbook.  Case Study You are a practical nurse in a community health centre who is working as part of a team of health care professionals. One of your roles as a practical nurse at the centre is chronic disease management. Your first client today is Mrs. R., an 82 year old widow who lives with her 78 year old sister. Mrs. R. was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 5 years ago and also has osteoporosis. Her doctor prescribed new medications 2 weeks ago for her arthritis. Today she is complaining that the medications are not working because she still has a lot of pain in her hands and her fingers are so stiff and swollen she can’t dress herself in the morning. She finds it difficult to ambulate for long distances and often does not go out of the home. Answer the following s related to this case study.What information do you already know and what additional information do you need to obtain regarding this client?What resources are available for this client if she resides in your community?Give examples of one or more health promotion strategies that you could use at the individual/family or community level to address each of the following determinants of health affecting this client? Consider other health professionals or workers/sectors with whom you might collaborate in these strategies.Income and social status                         }Social and support networks                   }           Don’t just say “call social worker”Personal health practices/coping }Access to health services       Health Science Science Nursing BIOL 131

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