Wound Care When should assess a wound?… Wound Care When sh

Wound Care When should assess a wound?… Wound Care When should  assess a wound?_____________________________________ What should your visual assessment of a wound include? What could it mean if a wound is warm to the touch?______________________________________ What could it mean if a wound is cool to the touch?______________________________________ What are psychosocial considerations when a client has a wound? What is one tool used for staging a wound? _______________________ When staging a wound, which measurements are recorded and what measurement scale are they recorded with? What is a pressure injury?________________________________________________________________________ What are the most common pressure injury sites? What is the Braden Scale used for?________________________________________________________________________ What are the six subscales of the Braden Scale? What are the phases of the healing process for full-thickness wounds (extend through the epidermis and dermis and into underlying tissue)? How do partial-thickness wounds heal?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Inflammatory Phase What are the major characteristics of the inflammatory phase? What is the purpose of the inflammatory response?________________________________________________________________________ What are the three types of cells present during the inflammatory response?1.2.3. Proliferative Phase How does this phase restore skin integrity?________________________________________________________________________ What is granulation tissue?________________________________________________________________________ Maturation Phase How long could this phase last?_____________________ Intrinsic Factors What are three intrinsic factors that affect wound healing?1.2.3. Extrinsic Factors What are five extrinsic factors that affect wound healing? Wound healing phases for chronic wounds What does it mean by primary intention? And which wounds heal this way?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do chronic wounds heal?________________________ What does it mean by secondary intention?________________________________________________________________________ Review the following videos:Dry dressing changeDressing change with irrigation and packing – Acute injuryDressing change with irrigation and packing – pressure injury What should you do about 30-60 minutes prior to a dressing change?________________________________________________________ What are three types of dressings?1.2.3. What are advantages of dry dressings?_______________________________________________________________________ What is a disadvantage of dry dressings?_______________________________________________________________________ What are reasons wet-to-dry dressings are not good practice? Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)/Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) What is the purpose of using a NPWT/VAC? When should a NPWT/VAC not be used? Drains What documentation is included when assessing drains? What is an example of an open drainage system?___________________________ What are drawbacks of the open drainage system?1.2. What does a closed drainage system use to remove and collect drainage?__________________________________________________________   Health Science Science Nursing

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