WINDSHIELD SURVEY PRESENTATION a. Choose a town or zip code

WINDSHIELD SURVEY PRESENTATION a. Choose a town or zip code area to… WINDSHIELD SURVEY PRESENTATION a. Choose a town or zip code area to assess using the windshield survey tool provided. It can be the community you live in, as you may learn information about your community you did not previously know.b. Conduct a Windshield Survey of your chosen community using the provided survey tool. As part of this survey, you must interview two members of the community to determine what in their respective opinions are the weaknesses and strengths of the community. One of the two members of the community interviewed must be someone in a leadership role such as a police officer, a religious leader, the CEO of a major company, the mayor, the principal of a school etc. The findings of your windshield survey and your interviews must be included in your presentation. c. Windshield Survey Presentation: (15-25 video/audio slides) For this assignment, you are required to do an audiovisual presentation using adobe spark and upload to the course under Presentation. d. In addition, the link to the recorded presentation must also be posted on the discussion forum created in the course by the due date. The link posted on the forum allows all students access to view and respond to your presentation. Failure to upload and submit the link by the due date will result in automatic loss of 20 points on the assignment. Remember, you owe it to other students to have a presentation that can be accessed by all students. This assignment is worth 17.5% of final grade.NUR 4235 Windshield Presentation Rubric (15-25 slides with audio) NUR 4235 Windshield Presentation Rubric   Grading Criteria for PresentationPossible points= 100 Points earned  Over all organization of presentation. 10 points Creativity of presentation. (15 – 25 slides maximum with audio).10 points Oral presentation skills and clarity10 points Includes and summarizes findings from all 15 categories of the windshield survey  (4 points per category)60 points Includes input from the two required interviews (leader and member)10 points  Health Science Science Nursing

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