Why is it necessary to understand values, beliefs, and ritua

Why is it necessary to understand values, beliefs, and rituals held… Why is it necessary to understand values, beliefs, and rituals held by culturally diverse staff and patients?              Cultural competence is incredibly important because it promotes trust, patient compliance, healing, and an overall stronger nurse-patient relationship (Chen et. al., 2020). International migrations are and more specifically migration to the United States is resulting with more diverse communities (Chen et. al, 2020). Being able anticipate what a patient might need, say, or do is incredibly important, especially when a patient is at their most vulnerable.What implications would “cultural sensitivity” have for you as a nurse leader or manager?              Cultural sensitivity is defined as valuing and respecting different cultures (Sharifi et. al., 2019). A nurse leader will be able to assist subordinate staff members to provide culturally competent care. The nurse leader has more pull within an organization and access to more resources to be able to provide the appropriate care. In addition, having cultural sensitivity will help being able to know the cultural needs of subordinate staff. Staff can feel safe, worthy, and comfortable knowing that they can be their true self at work.What specific tools could you use to incorporate cultural diversity into your practice setting?              According to Sharifi et. al. (2019), cultural competence is developed through cultural encounter and interaction, cultural desire, cultural humility. Cultural desire is the desire to learn about other cultures, while cultural humility is self-awareness and egolessness after interacting with someone from a different culture (Sharifi et. al., 2019). Caring for patients of different cultures is the primary way to develop cultural diversity. In addition, organizational learning modules that are geared towards cultural knowledge can promote cultural competence.Describe areas of strength and areas for development (from the Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Checklist) that are important as you develop the nurse leader role.              My weakness to culturally competent care is seeking and engaging in situations that promote the use of cultural competence. I don’t have the confidence in myself to either do specific cultural things or have a constructive conversation about a patient’s cultural needs. To me, the most important aspect of cultural competence is being knowledgeable in the cultures that a relevant to the community surrounding the hospital. Knowledge can increase confidence to anticipate the patient’s cultural needs. As a leader, having cultural knowledge will promote teaching to subordinate staff members. 1. Analyze and Reflect on the article above and summarize it in your own words. Health Science Science Nursing NU MISC

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