Who was Abraham Jacobi? What did Lillian Wald do? When was t

Who was Abraham Jacobi? What did Lillian Wald do? When was the… Who was Abraham Jacobi?               What did Lillian Wald do?               When was the Social Security Act signed?           What is the Children’s Emergency Fund?               What did President Theodore Roosevelt do in 1912?What does the Maternity and Childhood Law do?What was the first Pediatric Hospital?What does “The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” say?When was the Missing Children Act signed?What does the Family and Medical Leave Act say?What are the ethical and legal aspects of pediatric care?What are the standards of nursing care?What does Healthy People 2020 do?What are the risk factors that increase child maltreatment?When was the American Academy of Pediatrics created?What is Law #25?What is Law #246?What is Law #51?What is negligence? It mentions the types of negligence and what each of them consists of: It  mentions the functions of the nursing professional in pediatrics:Factors that increase the risk of abuse:How can abuse be detected? B. Stages of growth and development, play and nutritionWhat are the stages of growth and development?What is gross motor development?What are some factors that influence development?What is fine motor development?What are the basic principles of growth and development?Who created the Psychosexual Theory?Who created the Psychosocial Development Theory?Who created the Cognitive Development Theory?What is the importance of play in children?C. Impact of hospitalization on the child and his or her familyWhat are the phases of separation anxiety?What are the biggest stressors in the child’s hospitalization?It mentions some effects of hospitalization in younger children:It mentions some nursing interventions for the management of separation anxiety:D. Contagious conditions of childhood/ Immunization What is passive immunity?What is immunization?What are the different types of vaccines?What vaccines are given from birth to 12 months?  E. Problems of salud in the Systems of Ojos and OídosWhat are the types of conjunctivitis?What is Amblyopia?When does retinopathy of prematurity occur?What is Periorbital Cellulite? Defines myopia, astigmatism and strabismusDefines cataract and glaucomaWhat is retinoblastoma?Define color blindnessNursing management in children with visual impairmentDefines otitis media and serousWhat is the nursing management for a child with hearing problems? F. Health Problems in the Respiratory System      52. What is respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)?      53. What should be done when you have a patient with RSV?      54. What is cystic fibrosis?       55. Nursing diagnosis and interventions for SVR and Asthma      56. Define Croup       57. Define Atresia of the Choanas       58. What is cystic fibrosis?       59. Define retractions and mention that you should evaluate when making the respiratory estimate:       60. What is rhinopharyngitis?       61. Define tonsillitis       62. Describes sudden death syndrome:        Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2206

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