Which is not a factor that correlates significantly with the

Which is not a factor that correlates significantly with the levels… Which is not a factor that correlates significantly with the levels of illiteracy and low literacy in the U.S. population? *A. A rise in the number of illegal immigrantsB. An increase in the number of older adults over 65 years of ageC. Advances in technology and the complexity of informationD. The growing number of students in public schools According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Title V, health literacy is the degree to which an individual has the capacity to: *A. read patient education materials or make an appointmentB. obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions.C. demonstrate strong reading and writing skills.D. understand health decisions made by healthcare providers. A 75-year-old woman has bee hospitalized for five days for treatment of ovarian cancer. She has been a homemaker all of her adult life, raising four children and helping to care for 12 grandchildren. She has lived alone since her husband died two years ago. The primary nurse is primary nurse is preparing discharge instructions for the client on self-care activities at home. The client tells the nurse that she completed high school but did not have the time nor interest to pursue any additional formal education. Which is the best approach for the nurse when educating this client? *A. Provide her with printed instructional materials commonly used on the unit for patient educationB.Look for clues that she may be low literate and will have trouble using the typical printed education materials available to help her learnC. Assume that her readability skills are minimal and that the nurse will have to rely on instructional tools other than written materials for teaching.D. Test her comprehension level by asking her to recall an example of health instruction she received on the day of admission. Which statement about literacy in the adult population is accurate? *A. Adult illiteracy is on the rise despite public and private efforts to address the issue.B. Literacy levels are an issue in teaching healthcare practices to patients as well as to nursing staff populationsC. The initiation of appropriate interventions for patients with low literacy skills has become a subject of considerable concern by healthcare providers.D. Government initiatives in the last two decades have raised media attention about the literacy issue. Which is a false assumption about individuals who are illiterate or low literate? *A. Many have been found to have a normal or above normal IQB. They come from very diverse backgroundsC. They react to complex learning situations by withdrawal or avoidanceD. Many have reading abilities that corrects with the number of years of schooling completed. Health Science Science Nursing

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