Which branch of State Government does the Governor work in?

Which branch of State Government does the Governor work in? 1…. Which branch of State Government does the Governor work in? 1.Judicial Branch 2.Legislative Branch 3.Executive Branch 4.Olive Branch2.5 points    2The “Iron Triangles” is term used in public policy that describes a mutually dependent relationship between the following are 1.Interest groups, committees, & state senators 2.bills, bureaucrats, state commissioners 3.legislators, lobbyist , & state Governor 4.bureaucratic agencies, interest groups, & congress 2.5 points    3What are the options the Governor has when he receives a bill that has been through the policy making process at the state level? 1.Introduce the bill to State Congress 2.Sign into law or veto 3.Draft a law 4.Send the bill back to State Congress for more readings2.5 points    4Policymaking Process at the Local Government Level ends with 1.Resolutions are approved by the elected representatives 2.Resolutions are signed into law by the mayor or city council executive 3.Resolution is brought to the citizens for final review 4.Resolution goes back to local government or elected representatives2.5 points    5Which of the following are an example of a local healthcare legislation 1.providing a place for smokers 2.Selecting the type of soft drinks in schools 3.Regulates the use of tobacco products 4.regulating calories in school lunches2.5 points    6Private sector influence has increased exponentially with an  partnerships that are equally familiar with healthcare  Private Health Foundations  increase in large private foundations and public-private partnerships  weakened influence in policy-making2.5 points    7Attributes of health policy ddevelopment in nonfederal sectors include  policy-makers provide health funding  policy direction shaped by the public sector  policy entrepreneurship at the highest level of government  The lack of integration and coordination among policymaking groups in creating policy initiative2.5 points    8In the Local Government Structure, powers are granted to a 1.political party in the local area 2.municipality or county often depending on the size of its population 3.the republic model 4.by the Federal Government Structure2.5 points    9In relation to Policymaking Process at the State Level, the Governor can veto a bill. What can happen to the bill? 1.Congress goes on a break  2.The bill goes back to “Introduce a bill into Congress” phase 3.Overridden by a favorable vote 4.No action can be taken after the Governor Veto of a bill2.5 points    10Examples of private sector structures include  Public Structure  State Structure  Private health foundations  Private Structure Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC

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