What strategies would you implementto prevent further… Wha

What strategies would you implementto prevent further… What strategies would you implement to prevent further episodes of potentially dangerous patient outcomes? In conflict resolution, finding the fundamental cause of the problem and identifying the source of the disagreement is critical. Members can collaborate to develop a feasible solution for the problem. Regular staff meetings enable employees to address workplace issues and devise resolution strategies. This can assist in identifying potential sources of conflict and allowing staff to collaborate on resolutions. It is critical to educate employees about communication. This will avoid arguments in the patient regions. Identifying communication hurdles will result in efficient communication. I would promote open communication and empower employees to present their concerns in a proper, professional manner.  Encouraging employees to communicate in a polite manner can help prevent office tension. This includes speaking in a calm tone of voice, refraining from using derogatory terms, and listening to others. By having the medical director or practice owner address office conflict with staff employees who are frequently involved in disagreements, the problem can be resolved. This can also help prevent future conflict by educating employees about the implications of their behavior. A component of the solution is to maintain a culture that is focused on identifying safety concerns and implementing viable solutions, rather than on retaining a blame, shame, and punishment culture. Healthcare institutions must cultivate a culture of safety that prioritizes system development and views medical errors as obstacles to overcome. Each member of the healthcare team must contribute to making healthcare safer for patients and healthcare professionals (Helo, & Moulton, 2017).You mention a number of strategies. Of the above strategies you mentioned, which one best lends itself to the PDSA cycle discussed in our reading this week? Can you take one of the strategies identified and develop what the PDSA cycle could look like for the strategy?As a leader, what actions can you take that conveys dedication, trust, and respect? Need explanationHealth Science Science Nursing NR 506

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