What can you explain to a friend about Freud’s psychoanalyti

What can you explain to a friend about Freud’s psychoanalytic… What can you explain to a friend about Freud’s psychoanalytic theory?Explain all three structures of the personality according to Freud. What does each do?According to Freud, most of our personality is unconscious. True or False?According to Freud, the superego develops first, when we are very young.There are 5 psychosexual stages of personality development according to Freud. Can you explain all 5?You hear a lot of references to Freud’s Oedipal Conflict in films and shows. What is the conflict to which it refers? At what stage of personality development is it connected? Is there a similar conflict for young girls?What are defence mechanisms according to Freud, and what psychological purpose do they serve?Is repression a defence mechanism? Explain what is being repressed.Can you name and describe three defence mechanisms?Explain Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious.Explain Adler’s inferiority complex.Explain the trait approach to understanding personality.In the Big Five Personality Trait approach, what are the five personality factore that underlie personality: 1) openness to experience, 2) conscientiousness, 3) ________________, 4, ______________, and neuroticism.You hear the term neurotic a lot. What is neuroticism? You also hear “I am an introvert” or “I am an extrovert”. What do these terms mean in relation to personality?_______________ approaches to personality assume that personality is the sum of learned responses to the external environment, not something related to our “inner” selves.Skinner’s behaviourist approach (first encountered in the first few weeks of classes) is considered an example of a ______________ approach to personality.Biological and evolutionary approaches to personality suggest that our personalities are inherited. True or False?Victor Frankl’s work is considered a ________ approach to personality. What does this mean?This chapter demonstrates that we can view personality from a number of perspectives simultaneously. One is not more correct than the other. True or False?The Rorschach (or inkblot) test is a test for personality. True or False?What is involved in a behavioural assessment?What does a “self-report” measure of personality mean?Which approach to personality emphasizes the innate goodness of people and their desire to grow?Humanistic?Psychodynamic?Learning?Biological and evolutionary?Health Science Science Nursing PSY 100

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