What are the protective structures and reflexes of the respi

What are the protective structures and reflexes of the respiratory… What are the protective structures and reflexes of the respiratory system:1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Including your nursing assessment, what are some things that Nursing can do for a patient that is short of breath?      ________________________________      ________________________________      ________________________________      ________________________________      ________________________________Respiration and Acid-Base Balance:How does the respiratory system maintain the acid base balance? What happens to the pH when a person hyperventilates?What happens to the pH when a person is hypoventilating?What are some of the changes that occur with the respiratory system with aging?1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.What is meant by Tidal Volumes? Explain each term carefully, how does this relate to respirations?What are the differences between CPAP machines and BIPAP machines?What are some of the signs and symptoms of a Pneumonia?Name three different types of Pneumonia, how do they differ?1. 2. 3.Oxygen DeliveryHow much (%) oxygen is present in room air?What oxygen appliance can be given to give the most accurate dose of Oxygen? What appliance can be given to the patient to give the most amount of Oxygen? TuberculosisWhat organism causes tuberculosis?What type of precaution is used in clients with tuberculosis?What tests are used to diagnose tuberculosis?What is hemoptysis?COPDHow does COPD affect the mechanism of breathing? What are the risk factors?What are the 2 disorders identified in our reference as COPD? Explain the distinction between the two.1.2.What happens if a client on oxygen therapy is a CO2 retainer? What action do you take? What makes asthma different from COPD?CancerWhat are some of the signs and symptoms of Lung Cancer? What are the treatments?Pulmonary EmbolismWhat are the dangers of a Pulmonary Embolus?Cystic Fibrosis:What causes respiratory problems in clients with cystic fibrosis?What therapeutic measures are used for clients with cystic fibrosisFlu:Which individuals are at increased risk for complications (death) from flu?****Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 235

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