Use this Case study for the next 2 s: A 26-year-old make-up.

Use this Case study for the next 2 s: A 26-year-old make-up… Use this Case study for the next 2 s: A 26-year-old make-up artist admitted to the hospital with acute exacerbation of ulcerative colitis. She has an 8-year history of the disease, and this is her 3rd admission this year for exacerbation. She is having 16 to 18 bloody stools/day and cramping abdominal pain. While caring for the above patient with acute exacerbation of ulcerative colitis, what are three 3 priority goals. List the goals (not specific interventions).    2While giving shift report, your colleague says she never really understood the difference between Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Briefly explain at least two key differences. (2 marks)  3A patient is in the Emergency Department with acute appendicitis. The patient requests a strong analgesic so she can go home to attend her daughter’s wedding shower and return to the ER tomorrow. What is the best response by the nurse and why? (   4The nurse performs a detailed assessment of the abdomen of a patient with a possible bowel obstruction. What is a manifestation of an obstruction in the large intestine?  Profuse vomiting that relieves the pain   A largely distended abdomen   Persistent, colicky abdominal pain   Diarrhea  5Use this Case Study for the next 2 s: A 47-year-old is diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis of the liver. Shift report indicates the patient was awake and restless most of the night. On assessment, it is noted that the patient is refusing the lactulose this morning and yesterday morning. The nurse notes no bowel movement for two days. The patient’s speech is becoming slurred. The patient is irritable and slow to respond to directions. Explain what is occurring with this patient   1 points   6List two nursing interventions for this patient.   7A patient undergoes surgery to remove the portion of duodenum that is bleeding. On return to the nursing unit, the nurse anticipates which of the following to be included in post-operative orders?  NG tube to low suction, Cefazolin 1gm IV Q6h, begin oral fluids slowly  NG tube to low suction, Cefazolin 1gm IV Q6h, maintain NPO  NG tube to low suction, Cefazolin 1gm IV Q6h, Ibuprofen 600mg Q4h PO  NG tube to low suction, Cefazolin 1gm IV Q6h, report any blood noted in the NG tubing   8 The nurse is caring for a patient admitted with portal hypertension and ascites. Which assessment finding is most indicative of a serious complication? (1 mark)  Feeling tired and fatigued  Petechiae on the abdomen  Hematemesis after breakfast  Two-pound weight loss from previous day  9The nurse is aware the there are many causes of acute abdominal pain. List four of these.     10A patient is admitted with an acute abdomen. Identify four lab and/or diagnostic tests that the nurse would expect to be ordered to indicate abdominal findings.   11The nurse anticipates physician orders for a patient experiencing an acute abdomen. List four, providing detail, and the reason for the order.Health Science Science Nursing NURSING PNH401HEAL

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