Use the concepts asheadings each must have a matching citati

Use the concepts asheadings each must have a matching citation in…  Use the concepts as headings each must have a matching citation in the body of the post.The Health Care Delivery SystemProfessionalismHealth EthicsTeamwork & CollaborationHealth LawA 42-year old female with multiple sclerosis is brought to the Emergency Department by ambulance for fever, decreased appetite for five days, with a change in mental status today. She is accompanied by her brother and sister-in-law, in which the client lives at their residence. The client has a full code status. The family reports a 5-day history of decreased appetite and change in mental status. The family does not recall the name of the client’s medications; however, they say that the client has been taking “pills” for bladder control, eye drops for dry eye, pain medication, and steroids regularly except for the last five days.The nurse assesses the client and notes the following abnormal findings: Vital Signs: Temperature:102.5rectalHeartrate:115 beats per minuteBlood pressure:90/56Respirations:30Pulse oximetry: 94% on room airPhysical Assessment:• Unkempt with clothing soiled with both urine and food particles and stains• Cachectic• 38 kg weight per bed scale• Adventitious lung sounds• Bounding heartrate• Skin tentingFour Stage 4 wounds on sacrum and spineWounds are malodorous, with purulent drainage notedThe nurse discusses the client’s skin openings with the family and how long the wounds have been present. The family reports that the wounds have been present for about a week. When asked who is performing wound care, the family says that they care for the wounds at home, without medical or nursing assistance. The nurse observes that the wounds are open to air, without any dressings in place. The nurse s if the client has seen a medical provider regarding the wounds, and the brother reports that he did not call the doctor as he and his wife are taking care of the client at home. The physician assistant (PA) discusses the client’s declining condition, and the need to place the client on mechanical ventilation. The PA discusses the client’s advanced directives, and the brother informs the PA that he is the Power of Attorney (POA) and would like to change the client to a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) status. The nurse privately reports concerns to the PA regarding the new order for a DNR from the POA, as the nurse is reporting the family to social services for neglect. The PA replies, “Well, I don’t think it was intentional neglect.” The nurse proceeds to report the family to social services for neglect and contacts the hospital’s ethics committee regarding concerns over the client’s new DNR order. During this time, the client is transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, and two days later, the client’s condition declines. With the DNR order in place, CPR is not performed, and the client dies. Health Science Science Nursing NURN 129

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