Use Obesity among African Americans as your health disparity

Use Obesity among African Americans as your health disparity to… Use Obesity among African Americans as your health disparity to make an outline that answers the following points. Use at least three scholarly articles that are published within 5 years. Bulleted points must be organized under subtitles/subheadings for each section given in the guidelines. Each bulleted point must have a citation/reference. The outline should have an introductory paragraph and a conclusive paragraph. The length of the outline should be approximately 2 minimum to 2.5 maximum pages1. General Introduction- maximum of one-fourth of a page- 5 points 2. Rationale for selection of a specific health disparity (include specific HP 2030 objectives and cite the objectives used, use statistics such as prevalence rates, morbidity and mortality data as appropriate, current events, etc.). 15 points 3. Thorough discussion of impact that the selected health disparity has on the selected vulnerable population ((what impact does the disparity have on the population or how are they affected as a result of the disparity, health complications, impact on length and quality of life, financial burden on the individual, family, health system?, psychological impact/burden on the individual and family etc). 10 points 4. Detailed discussion of the role that social determinants of health (economics, physical environment, level of education, nutrition, community support, healthcare access), inequality, discrimination and other identifiable factors relate to the selected health disparity/vulnerable population.  15 points 5. Role of Healthcare system, Individual health care providers and nurses in contributing (how is the current system making the disparity worse with citations) to the disparity; and in eliminating (currently, what are some of the good things/strategies happening with citations) the disparity- 10 points 6. Brief discussion of multiple potential solutions to decrease/eliminate the health disparity in the selected population. Include the role of the healthcare system and healthcare providers, including nurses, in the disparity and the solution. 15 points 7.  Select ONE solution from the multiple solution, discuss in detail of how this ONE selected solution could alleviate the health disparity and be realistically implemented and evaluated. Include the role of nursing in the solution. Include references to past/current attempts that have been undertaken. – 10 points. 8. Conclusion- maximum of one-fourth of a page.  5 points  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 3250

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