use nursing diagnosis Priority problem -> Related To: Etiolo

use nursing diagnosis Priority problem -> Related To: Etiology… use nursing diagnosis  Priority problem -> Related To: Etiology (cause)-> As evidence by: signs and symptoms form assesment.    M is healthy 27-year-old woman. She has been having chest discomfort about twice a week for the last 2 weeks. It is sharp, associated with difficulty getting a deep breath. It seems to come on mostly at work or when she is driving. It lasts about a half-hour at a time. She has tried Tylenol, Advil, drinking cold water, and antacids without much benefit. It doesn’t radiate. It is severe enough to interrupt her work but not excruciating. She hasn’t had any heartburn or stomach symptoms. She is concerned that it could be a heart problem.   She smokes 15 cigarettes a day. She is trying to quit; had cut down from 1 pack/day to ½ pack but recently went back up to ¾ pack per day, ‘probably from stress.’ No drug use. She has never been in the hospital or been told she had any chronic illnesses, never had anything like this before, never had a cholesterol test.    Mary is separated from her husband of two years, which is very stressful. They had argued a lot and just grown apart, no history of domestic violence. She works as a bank supervisor, no children, not currently sexually active or using birth control. She does aerobics 3-4 times a week and hasn’t had any problems with chest pain or breathing while exercising; ‘Actually that’s when I feel best,” she states. Her father had a heart attack last year when he was 64, which is one of the reasons she is worried about these pains. He also smokes and has high blood pressure. Her mother and older brother are healthy.  Mary takes a multivitamin daily, no other meds, and no allergies Pathophysiology if admitting diagnosis- Must include Pathophysiology, signs & symptoms, risk factors, complications      Priority Nursing Problem (2) must be prioritized problem using three part statement (based on abnormal assesment findings) Priority problem -> Related To: Etiology (cause)-> As evidence by: signs and symptoms form assesment.  Problem #1 Problem #2 Nursing Risk for Priority prolem (1)- must be priorized problem using three part statement (based on assessment findings) “Risk for…” Problem -> Rekated to: Etiology (cause) Risk for problem #1 Planning/ Patient Goals: 1 for each nursing priority problem (3 total)Must be SMART and start each with Pt. will..” Problem #1 Goal  Problem #2 Goal Risk for Problem #1 Goal Implementation- specific nurssing interventions that were performed during your shift (Must have 3 per priority problem)Interventions for priority Problem #1 1.Rationale 2.Rationale 3.Rationale Interventions for Priority Problem #21.Rationale 2.Rationale 3.Rationale Interventions for Priority Risk for Problme #1  1.Rationale 2.Rationale 3.Rationale Evaluation- What was the outcome? Goal met | Goal not met | Goal partially met and how to revise| recommendMust have 1 evaluation per goal. 1.2.3.Health Science Science Nursing NURS 120

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