Unit Name- Support Independence and Well Being CHCCCS023 As

Unit Name- Support Independence and Well Being CHCCCS023 As a… Unit Name- Support Independence and Well Being CHCCCS023As a Personal Care Worker in Aged Care Facility Create hypothetical situations in these s:Client name:Situation: Please describe your responses below:Q1 What were their strengths and weaknesses?Q2 How did you accommodate each person’s expression of identity and sexuality?Q3 What opportunities did you provide for them in relation to activities that met their needs?Q4 How did you help each person to identify their strengths and self-care capacity and what opportunities did you give them to utilize those strengths?Q5 What information did you provide to them?Q6 How did you enable them to manage their own service delivery?Q7 How did you encourage them to maintain independence?Q8 What did you do to support their physical well being?Q9 What did you do to support their social, emotional and phychological well being? Please its just an example of how to  above : ChrisChris a 78-year-old resident who has been a resident at the institution for eight months. This former professional tennis player has been having substantial amounts of pain and stiffness in the mornings after getting up for the last few months. When he first gets out of bed, he has restricted movement as well. LuluLulu is a 70-year-old resident who has been a resident at the institution for a little more than six months. In her hands and feet, she has deep sores that are itchy and inflamed, which she characterizes as “quite uncomfortable.” NickNick, a 77-year-old resident who has been a resident at the institution for five months. A degenerative condition that causes muscular weakness has resulted in him needing to use a wheelchair. Toby has also been encountering some difficulty figuring out how to use the amenities in the house and has been feeling lonely.Explanation:Q1.Chris is originally from Japan, he moved to the United States about twenty years ago. Although he has lived in the states for quite a while now, he still practices traditional Japanese culture and holds strongly some norms that were quite not common with me. For example, he insisted on going to the bathroom and taking a shower by himself without the help of a female nurse even though he struggled with it sometimes because in his culture they do not allow men and women to interact while naked.Lulu is a Muslim who is originally from Saudi Arabia. Like Chris, her religion restricts her on many things that she can do including dress code and interactions which made her treatment quite difficult at times.On the other hand Nick was an atheist and so opposed to anything associated with God. His hate for religion was so extreme that he refused to be attended to by a nurse wearing a catholic rosary. Q2. In the case of Chris, he was different from me on the views of women and men working together. He didn’t believe that female nurses should work in male wards because he did not like being attended to without being fully clothed by a female nurse. And while I believed that that was not a problem at all, I still respected his views by allowing him to be attended to by a male nurse even in times of female nurse’s shift so that he would feel respected. Lulu being a Muslin did not eat pork because her religion forbade it and I ensured that a different type of meat was being served to her on the days that the facility had pork on the menu.Nick and I differed in that he did not believe in God while I strongly believed in God. My faith was so strong, e prayed rosary prayers every morning and evening before the start of every shift. This would obviously make Nick very upset and so I ensured that we did not do the prayers in the ward where he was.  That way, he got his religious views respected.  Q3. Chris needed to be helped every morning to communicate with his aging mother who was in Japan. The nurses made it  a routine to help him connect to the internet so that he could call her.Lulu’s wounds had to be washed thoroughly every morning and a special cream that she had and believed helped heal the wounds before wrapping them.Nick had to be helped around with movement even when going to the bathroom because the degenerative condition that he has  has weakened the muscles in his body and immobilized him. Q4. Chris was retired. His wife and kids came to visit him regularly came to visit him in the facility Lulu on the other hand had hopes of continuing to work if she could get out of the facility in her long time job of making traditional hijabs for her clients back in Saudi Arabia. Her husband had died a year ago due to complications related to old age.Nick was divorced about twenty years ago and he lived with his four kids in a ranch that he had owned for a long time. Q5. Chrisstrengths- He was optimistic that  his condition  would change for the better. weakness- he let his religion rule over a large part of his life, denying him a lot of opportunities Lulustrengths- She was open minded and did not mind trying new things such as medicationweakness-  She would get very impatient when told something or a report that she did not anticipate. Nickstrengths- He sets goals and pursued them fiercely                 – he always tried to realize his potentialweakness-he focused too much on details which would slow down things for him Health Science Science Nursing INDIVIDUAL CHC33015

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