Unit Name- Implement interventions with older people at risk

Unit Name- Implement interventions with older people at risk… Unit Name- Implement interventions with older people at risk CHCAGE004As a Personal Care Worker in An Aged Care Facility Monitor the effects of the strategies on your 2 clients by having a feedback session with them. First, write down what risk minimization strategies have been put in place. Then interview them and ask the following s What have been the positives and negatives of the implemented strategies? Any negative will be a possible indicator of increased risk so this will need to be reported?Even if there are no negatives, What does the person feel would work better for them?Take this information back tour supervisor and/or relevant health professional to facilitate further action, then answer the following s: 3 What was the outcome of the discussions for each of the clients? Feedback Client 1Outcome 1 Feedback Client 2Outcome 2 Feedback Client 3Outcome 3 For eg:SituationCastello is a 70-year-old resident who moved into the facility six months ago. As part of the procedure, Castello’s immediate family was provided with a feedback form explaining the purpose as it will help the organization and workers to deliver better service and will provide insight on the client and their family member’s view on our service delivery.ActionI provided Castello’s family members with feedback forms in printed form. I explained to them that the purpose for it was to get their and Castello’s view on services and how we can get better as we want Castello’s stay here as comfortable as possible. Then I explained to them that once the form is received back in a sealed envelope, it will be passed on to the management who will go through it and take action based on the feedback provided and will also answer any s you may have in a timely manner. OutcomeCastello and his family were impressed by the service delivery and appreciated the staff for being open-minded about it. Castello’s family was hesitant to speak earlier on what they would have liked to change but now they felt comfortable to express their view.  create own hypothetical case scenario in theitself in Aged Care facility. not copy-paste the same scenario: Please do cover all the bullet points in the scenarios.Health Science Science Nursing CHC 43015

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