Unit Name- Facilitate the empowerment of older people CHCAGE

Unit Name- Facilitate the empowerment of older people CHCAGE001 As… Unit Name- Facilitate the empowerment of older people CHCAGE001As a Personal Care Worker in Aged Care Facility Reflect on  how you have adopted and changed the following statements to provide care and support for at least one person:Used a person-centered approach to care for each of their clients to empower themAdjusted communication for each person you supported, include in your answer the following perspectives:the cultural, spiritual, and social makeup of the older person and how they differed to you and to your clients.Assisted with appropriate activities to meet each of the person’s needs. Ensure you explain how you encouraged them to actively engage eg: What information did you provide them etc.Situation 1Action 1Outcome 1 Situation 2Action 2Outcome 2 Situation 3Action 3Outcome 3 create own hypothetical case scenario in theitselffor egSituation 1Val is 78 years old woman living in low-care ward. On my shift I observed Val was scratching upper right arm constantly. I approached Val and introduced myself and asked about her arm. Val said she’s been itchy like this for past few days. I asked Val if we can go to her room and apply some moisturizer on it. Val agreed. Upon looking I saw the skin had scales and crusts.Action I suspected it wasn’t an ordinary dry skin rash and arranged a GP’s appointment to get referral for Dermatologist after discussing my observation with Val. The GP visited the facility and referred Val to Dermatologist as they suspected it appeared to be scabies.  The dermatologist appointment was attended and doctor prescribed a lotion and oral medication. Outcome Val had started the treatment and was proposed that by 4 weeks of time, Val will be free of scabies. The morning staff was instructed and it was added to Val’s ICP to apply the prescribed lotion immediately after the bath and to administer her medication soon after breakfast. Val was asked about the experience and if she felt supported throughout the time. Val said she feels better now as the treatment had begun however the staff could had observed earlier as she was in pain for the first few days until it was discovered. I took Val’s feedback on-board and assured the staff will be given a proper training for looking for cues so such incident is not repeated.  Health Science Science Nursing CHC 43015

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