Topic: Fluid and Electrolyte Case study 1: Edna is a 82-year

Topic: Fluid and Electrolyte Case study 1: Edna is a 82-year-old… Topic: Fluid and Electrolyte  Case study 1: Edna is a 82-year-old woman who was brought to the hospital by a neighbor. She has lived by herself in her own home.  Her only family member is a niece who lives in another state, but Edna’s neighbors help her by bringing her groceries and taking her to the doctor when needed.  She is weak and dehydrated, but alert and oriented.  Her vital signs: temperature 99.8°F, blood pressure 86/52 mm Hg, pulse 102 beats per minute, and respirations 12 per minute. She tells you she has had a cold and hasn’t been feeling up to par for 1 week.  s: 1. What factors may have led to Edna’s dehydration (name at least 3)?2. Describe why Edna’s blood pressure is low and pulse is elevated?3. What data should the nurse routinely collect to monitor Edna’s fluid status (name at least 3)?4. What medical or pharmacological treatment do you expect to see ordered for Edna (name at least 3)?5. What nursing interventions should be implemented (name at least 3)?6. What factors should be considered when planning discharge (name at least 2)?   Case study 2: Ralph is a 67-year-old resident in the extended care facility where you work. He has had type 1 diabetes mellitus for 40 years and has end-stage renal disease. He is treated with hemodialysis at a local dialysis center three times a week. When he returns from the dialysis center today, you note on his chart that his potassium level was 7.2 mEq/L before dialysis. You know this is a dangerous level. Following dialysis, his potassium was 4.1 mEq/L. s:  7. Why are patients with end-stage renal disease at risk for hyperkalemia?8. What additional factors may have contributed to his hyperkalemia (name at least 2)?9. What assessment findings should you routinely monitor for hyperkalemia (name at least 3)?10. Besides dialysis, what other treatment can reduce potassium levels in patients with impaired kidney function (name at least 2)? Health Science Science Nursing

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