To prevent constipation you should encourage Mr. Cruz to do

To prevent constipation you should encourage Mr. Cruz to do which… To prevent constipation you should encourage Mr. Cruz to do which of the following? A. Increase fruits and fluids in his diet. C. Plan his bowel movement for early morning.B. Take daily enemas. D. Use a laxative daily. 2. To best assist Mr. Cruz to prepare for ambulation which of the following should be done by the nurse?A. Dangle the patient’s leg and swing them back and forth daily.B. Have him push his popliteal space against the bed to the count of five several times daily.C. Have him perform push-ups and use the bed trapeze bar as much as possible.               D.  Perform passive range of motion exercises three times daily.3. Which of the following is the initial sign of Myasthenia Gravis?Diplopia b. Paresthesia c. Ptosis d. Scanning Speech4. The nurse is teaching the client with myasthenia gravis about the prevention of myasthenic and cholinergic crises. The nurse tells the client that this is most effectively done by ensuring which of the following?A. Eating large, well-balanced meals B. Doing muscle-strengthening exercises C. Doing all chores early in the day while less fatigued D. Taking medications on time to maintain therapeutic blood levels5. In caring for patients affected by myasthenia gravis, should be able to plan care carefully based on the disease progression and pathology.which of the following will not be a basis for his nursing care plan? A. Acethylcholinesterase inhibitor test is used to diagnose Myasthenia Gravis.B. Myasthenia  gravis  is an autoimmune disease.C. Myasthenia  gravis  affects women more than men.D. The initial manifestation of Myasthenia  gravis involves the muscles of the mouth.  6. The client has experienced an episode of myasthenic crises. Which of the following  would the nurse  assess whether  the client  has precipitating factors?A. increasing intake of fatty foods. C. Getting too little exercise.B. Omitting  doses of medication. D. Taking excess medication.7. Which of the following is the initial sign for Multiple sclerosis?A. blurring of visionB. Change in level of  consciousness C. Diplopia D. Paresthesia8. A client was examined due to painful swelling and with accumulation of pus in his lower lid , which of the following could be done to relieve the symptom?a. Application of warm compressb. Administration of oral antibioticc. Incision and drainaged. All of the above9. The above condition might be which of the following?a. Blepharitisb. Conjunctivitisc. Styled. Hordeolum10. Barry  a 23 year old basketball player suddenly experience loss of peripheral vision on his left eye after it was hit by the ball while playing. Which could be the cause of his condition?a. retinal detachmentb. Acute Glaucomac. Cataractd. Keratitis11. Which of the following procedure does Barry might undergo?a. Corneal mouldingb. Scleral Bucklingc. Iridectomyd. Keratoplasty12. To prevent increase intra ocular pressure after an eye surgery, the following should be done ;a.  Place an eye patchb.  Administer mydriaticsc. Position client supine or turned to the affected sided. Administer antibiotics13. A client with Otosclerosis is at risk for developing  which of the following condition?a. sensorineural hearing lossb. conductive hearing lossc. tinnitusd. Otalgia Health Science Science Nursing

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