: To complete the project, use the following: Scenario The..

: To complete the project, use the following: Scenario The… : To complete the project, use the following: Scenario The clinicians document patient information manually. First, they look up the medical record number listed on the patient’s armband. Then, they enter the clinical notes and vital signs in the patient’s record. They use workstations on wheels (WOWs) to enter the information. The WOWs are available at each clinic location. The WOWs are connected to the main server with wireless connection. However, the WOWs must be charged between uses. Because of this, clinicians leave the WOWs plugged in the hallway. They write down the patient’s vital signs and record the information later. However, recording later can result in errors. The health information (HI) manager wants to automate some of the processes to reduce data entry errors. The hospital stores data onsite in the data center. The data center is in a protected room with backup generators. The HI manager is concerned about protecting data from a disaster, such as a fire, flood, or explosion. The HI manager needs to come up with a solution. She is reviewing several options. First, the hospital could keep a backup in another section of the hospital. Second, the hospital could keep a backup in a remote location. Third, the hospital could use a cloud server instead of the data center. Of course, a hybrid system using two or more of these options could be used. Also, clinicians want internet access at the patient’s bedside. They would use the internet to provide patient education or to search for standards of care for unusual cases. The hospital network is separate from the internet to preserve security. The HI manager needs to present a plan for setting up the hospital with secure access to the internet. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: IV. Systems and Technology: In this section, you will examine and report on what technology is being used and how it is being used within the organization. A. Describe how the organization utilizes technology for collecting and storing data. B. Describe the gaps or issues with functionality of the current collection and storage system(s). 1 C. Based on the identified gaps or issues, recommend types of technology and storage options that would serve the organization better. Be sure to justify each recommendation.¬†Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH INF HIM 200

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