TITLE: Community Assessment for the nurse working with a vul

TITLE: Community Assessment for the nurse working with a vulnerable… TITLE: Community Assessment for the nurse working with a vulnerable populationChoose a community you are familiar with, your own home community; a community you are currently working within; or a community for which you have some familiarity.  Your community assessment should address the following areas:Identify and define the community you are assessing: What are the parameters of your selected community?Why have you chosen this community as the focus for this particular assessment – and the eventual community development political action project?What kind of assessment would you do in order to meet your needs for the future development of a community development or political action project, e.g., methods or approaches, process, tools, resources, etc.? (such as a needs assessment). Use the course material to assist you.Why would you do this type of assessment, i.e., what is your rationale? Where would you go for information and why? * Be specific about where you would find/access information for your community assessment – and why you selected these sources etc…Ask yourself the following s:What is going on in the selected community?What are the identified community’s strengths and/or challenges (or limitations)?What organizations or services may already be involved &/or available in this community?Who are the gatekeepers and stakeholders? How would you communicate with these people about the issue/s?Stakeholders: People and/or groups who have a stake or interest in this issue/s. Gatekeepers: People who can open doors, i.e., positively facilitate the program and/or people who can close doors, i.e., create barriers to positive health promoting change.Whose ideas or ‘voices’ may not be heard regarding this issue?How might you engage/include them in the community assessment process?Attention to diverse socially excluded, marginalized, and/or at-risk populations.What are the strengths and limitations of the approach/es you chose for this community assessment? Is there anything that the strategies you have identified will not give you? Are there any other strategies that you could have used?What are the advocacy and ethical considerations?Health Science Science Nursing NLM 204

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