This condition arises from _____ and is often described as h

This condition arises from _____ and is often described as having… This condition arises from _____ and is often described as having intermittent claudication. The extremity is pale on elevation with dependent rubor. The skin is typically thin, shiny, and without hair. The ulcers are characterized by a “punched-out,” well-defined, wound margins and are often found between or on the tips of the toes, on the heels, on the outer ankle, or where there is pressure from walking or footwear.This murmur is best heard at the apex, often radiating to the left axilla, and has a “blowing” quality?A 42-year-old HIV+ male presents to your office complaining of sharp knifelike pain on the left side of his chest for the last two days. Breathing and lying down makes the pain worse, while sitting forward helps alleviate the pain. Tylenol and ibuprofen have not helped.  The pain does not radiate to any other area. He is leaning over and holding his left arm and hand to the chest’s left side on presentation. Vital signs include BP 130/70, HR 90 bpm, and RR 12 breaths per minute.  On auscultation, his lung fields have normal breath sounds with no rhonchi, wheezes, or crackles. Percussion and palpation are unremarkable.  He has a regular rhythm and rate. S1S2. No murmur.  The APRN notes a scratching noise at the lower left sternal border with auscultation.  What is the APRN’s top differential diagnosis for this patient?PleurisyThoracic aortic dissectionAngina pectorisPericarditisName the atrioventricular valves:What does the t-wave on a 12-lead ECG represent?The _____sound marks the beginning of systole.The S3 is best heard in what patient position?You are performing a thorough cardiac examination. Which of the following chambers of the heart can you assess by palpation?Right ventricleLeft atriumRight atriumLeft ventricleWhat is responsible for the inspiratory splitting of S2?Closure of the aortic valve then the pulmonic valveClosure of the mitral valve then the pulmonic valveClosure of the aortic valve then the tricuspid valveClosure of the mitral valve then the tricuspid valveA patient complaining of tearing chest pain going through to the back has a widened mediastinum on the chest x-ray. What is this finding indicative of?Health Science Science Nursing NURS 756

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