Therapeutic Communication Technique Description / Reason for

Therapeutic Communication Technique Description / Reason for Use /…                                                                                                                                                            Therapeutic Communication TechniqueDescription / Reason for Use / PurposeExample  Mm-hmmmm, go onNodding yes  If a patient is sad, it is appropriate for you to place your hand over the patient’s hand and to show a facial expression of compassion. If a patient is angry, attend to the patient’s feelings by pulling up a chair and taking time to listen  Sitting quietly; counting silently 1 to 10; waiting for response without interruption  You may repeat the patient’s statement by saying, “So you feel like there is a knot in your chest…”  Client: It’s so hard having to stay in bed during my pregnancy. I have kids at home I’m worried aboutNurse: You feel worried and anxious about your children?  Tell me what you mean by evil eyeWhat happens when you get low blood sugar?  We were talking about the reaction that you had to the penicillin. Tell me more about the reaction  Review pertinent facts; allows client time to make corrections  You order your dinner from the menu provided and it take approximately 30 minutes to arriveYou may not eat or drink for 12 hours before your blood test because the food may change the results  Client (sarcastically): This is just great! I own a business, direct my employees; now I can’t even go to the bathroom without helpNurse: It must be hard- one day having so much control and now feeling dependent on someone elseHealth Science Science Nursing NUR 134

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