the topic is ” appropriate coping strategies for burnout pre

the topic is ” appropriate coping strategies for burnout prevention… the topic is “appropriate coping strategies for burnout prevention”Homework Directions: Part I – Following the directions provided on the template, complete the EBP exercise. Part II – Using the evidence provided to you for the Homework you are working on, answer the s listed about the Provided Evidence item (s 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d).Part III – This part requires you to perform a search to find a specific type of evidence on the semester’s topic and answer three s (3a, 3b, and 3c). the topic is “appropriate coping strategies for burnout prevention”Look at the directions in3a to see exactly what type of evidence is required for the homework.Answer the s (3a, 3b, and 3c) about the item you located.For the evidence you locate, you must provide the complete document (not just the abstract) you must attach an electronic copy of the document you located. You will not receive credit for the evidence if there is no attachment!Part I – EBP Exercise – Homework DThe quality of a source is determined by whether it is a primary, peer-reviewed, relevant publication. Sources should be current (published in the past 5 years) unless they are seminal or landmark studies. Replication studies are studies that are reproduced or repeated based on a previous research report.Directions:  For the following sources, list whether it is a primary source or a secondary source. Simply list “primary” or “secondary” and nothing more. Note, a primary source is a document written by the actual researchers who performed the study. A secondary source is authors writing about the work done by others.   Reference Student Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/Potential AnswersValueEarned1a.An audio recording of a speech:King, M. L., Jr. (1963, August 28). I have a dream [Speech audio recording]. American Rhetoric.  6 1b. A research article: Moazeni, S. S., Ghaljeh, M., & Navidian, A. (2020). The effect of pulmonary rehabilitation on fatigue and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A quasi-experimental study. Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal, 9(1), 1-7.  6 1c.A Government document:National Center for Education Statistics. (2016) Fast Response Survey System (FRSS): Teachers’ use of educational technology in U. S. public schools, 2009 (ICPSR 35531; Version V3) [Data set and code book]. National Archive of Data on Arts and Culture.!.v3   6 1d. A research article:Kim, S. H., Choe, Y. H., Han, A. R., Yeon, G. J., Lee, G. H., Lee, B. G., Cho, Y. U., Park, S., & Lee, M. H. (2020). Design of a randomized controlled trial of a partnership-based, needs-tailored self-management support intervention for post-treatment breast cancer survivors. BMC Cancer, 20(1), 1-9.  6 1e. A textbook:Chinn P.L., Kramer M.K. (2015). Knowledge development in nursing: Theory and process (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.    6 1f.A systematic review:Muzio, M., Dionisi, S., Di Simone, E., Cianfrocca, C., Di Muzio, F., Fabbian, F., Barbiero, G., Tartaglini, D., & Giannetta, N. (2019). Can nurses’ shift work jeopardize the patient safety? A systematic review. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 23(10), 4507-4519.  6 Part II – Evidence Analysis A research topic is a concept or broad issue that is important to nursing, such as acute pain, chronic pain management, coping with illness, or health promotion.  The research problem is an area of concern in which there is a gap in the knowledge base needed for nursing practice. The problem includes significance, background, and problem statement. The research purpose is a concise, clear statement of the specific goal or focus of the study. Analyze this passage and answer the s in reference to the passage. In the United States, more than 1 million people are living with cancer. Another half million have died from liver cancer since the beginning of the hepatitis C epidemic. The prevalence of hepatitis C has increased among men, especially among Hispanic men. A larger proportion of Hispanic men are uninsured compared with non-Hispanic men. Treatment of hepatitis has increased the life expectancy of patients; however, it requires more than 90% adherence to expensive medications for life. Treatment fatigue has been linked to patients dropping out of care. No studies have been published that explore the experience of treatment fatigue from the perspectives of uninsured Hispanic men with hepatitis C. This phenomenological study seeks to explore the lived experience of treatment fatigue in hepatitis C infection among uninsured Hispanic men. CriteriaStudent Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/ Potential AnswersValueEarned2a. What is the research topic?  4 2b. What is the research problem statement?  10 2c. What is the significance of the study?  10  2d. What is the purpose of the study?  15    Part III – Evidence Search Answer these s based on the evidence item you locatedCriteriaStudent Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/ Potential AnswersValueEarned3a. Evidence Search Locate and provide oneSystematic Review or a Clinical Practice Guideline that was published within the last five years on “Appropriate Coping Strategies for Burnout Prevention” and upload the full-text article to the dropbox. Providing the URL link and copying and pasting the article are not acceptable and you will not receive credit for this section if you do not upload the full-text article to the dropbox. Type the title of your piece of evidence in the box to the right.  How to identify and prevent burnout. A guide to burnout.       18 3b. ReferenceList the reference for the located article in correct APA format Fraga, J. (2019, May 18). How to identify and prevent burnout. Healthline. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from 2 3c. SummarySummarize the content of the document you found in 3-4 sentences.  5 Scholarly WritingComplete sentences, grammatically correct & free of spelling errors. This is an expectation; points up to the total value of the assignment may be deducted for work that does not meet scholarly writing standards.  ——  Total 100 Health Science Science Nursing NUR MISC

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