The patient came to the clinic with and is asking for help.

The patient came to the clinic with and is asking for help. You are… The patient came to the clinic with and is asking for help. You are going to perform assessment and you will order some blood work.(The assessment you will perform will reveal some symptoms, the blood work if you select the right lab test will help you to determine the correct diagnosis). The assessment you will do. (Head to toe) Patient is A+Ox1 , nystagmus is noted is complaining of numbness and tingling of fingers and toes. Patient is complaining of chest pain. The vitals are BP 140/85 HR 89 RR 14 temp 38.1Celsius The patient is complaining of anorexia and is clearly malnourished. The respirations are 14 per minutes , slow and labored. Patient has rhinorrhea and sore throat. The abdomen is distended with hyperactive bowel sounds. Last bowel movement patient doesn’t remember. The skin is very fragile , bruised and few skin tears on upper extremities. . WHAT HAPPENED? The story begins……… There is ( how old) (gender) who came to the clinic presenting with…….. His past medical history ( based on the S+S) is most likely…….. , and that is why this happened ….. OUR conclusion is he is SUFFERING FROM ……………………………………………………………………………….. What is the plan for his treatment? (List meds,IVF,therapy) to fix the problem. Is there a prevention plan for your patient so it doesn’t happens again? What would be the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for your patient? hypophosphatemia RED BLOOD CELLS, ATP STRUCTURAL SUPPORT TO BONES AND TEETH 85% IN BONES AND TEETH 1% ECF PTH HOMEOSTASIS SHIFTS FROM BONES TO PLASMA AND OPOSITE FAST REFEEDING SIMPLE CARBS(ALCOHOLICS, STARVING PEOPLE, DIET, MALNURISHED RECEIVING TPN IF PH LEVEN NOT CORRECTED HEAT STROKE, PROLONG HYPERVENTILATION, ALCOHO WITHDRAW, DKA, BURNS, ENCEHALOPATHY CROHNS DISEASE VIT D DEFICIENCY ADD NEUTRAPHOS IV PHOSPHATE SLOW LY AGGRESSIVE REPLACEMENT NO MORE THEN 10mEq PER HOURHealth Science Science Nursing NUR MISC

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