The patient came to the clinic and is asking for help. You a

The patient came to the clinic and is asking for help. You are… The patient came to the clinic and is asking for help. You are going to perform assessment and you will order some blood work.(The assessment you will perform will reveal some symptoms, the blood work if you select the right lab test will help you to determine the correct diagnosis). The assessment you will do. (Head to toe)Patient is complaining of headache, dizziness, and you notice some confusion, the patient is not able to recall the correct date. A+Ox2The patient tongue is dry and the mouth is dry as well with unpleasant odor. You can see some white patchy areas in the back of the throat.The patient’s blood pressure is low (100/55mmHg)m the heart rate is elevated  101 per minute.Respiratory system seems to be within normal limits at this point, but patient is complaining of occasional cough, which could be related his upper respiratory infection.The patient is stating that he feels very much like not eating, complaining of nausea, the patient vomited once at home prior coming to the clinic.The patient is urination without any difficulties, but today  he has been not voiding normally. Upon skin assessment you notice dry skin and poor skin turgor. What labs will you order?  What other assessment needs to be put in place? What other tests should be done?(Only five lab test results are available, upon request the lab/teacher will share them). The story begins……… There is   ( how old)   (gender)  who came to the clinic presenting with……..His past medical history ( based on the S+S) is most likely…….. , and that is why  this happened ….. OUR conclusion is  he is SUFFERING  FROM ……………………………………………………………………………….. What is the plan for his treatment?  (List meds,IVF,therapy) to fix the problem. Is there a prevention plan for your patient so it doesn’t happens again?What would be the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for your patient?Sodium deficitPrimary dues to an imbalance of water  rather than sodium .Low urine sodium – kidneys retain sodium to compensate ( sweating, vomiting diarrhea)Aldosterone deficiencyAdrenal insufficiency   SIADH   antidiuretic hormoneMedications anticonvulsants, antidepressants, DDAVPEXCESIVE ADH WATER RETENTION AND DILUTIONAL HYPONATREMIAAND INNAPPROPRIATE EXCRETION OF NATRIUM VIA URINE WHEN LESS THAN 115 MMOL/L INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE, CONFUSION, PAPILARY EDEMA, BRAIN SWELLING DEATH  SODIUM ADMINISTRATION LR   OR  NSINCREASE BY 12MEQ/L PER 24 HRS AVOID NEURO DAMAGE  DEMYELINIZATION35 NS FLUID RESTRICTIONBRAIN INJURY 3%NS AVP RECEPTOR ANTAGONIST STIMULATES FREE WATER EXCREATION NURSING I/O  WEIGHT TEACHING FOOD RICH IN SALT  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 130

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