The following 2 resources will help you complete your TTC!J

The following 2 resources will help you complete your TTC!J Short… The following 2 resources will help you complete your TTC! JShort videos posted in Brightspace: Listen to the video and take notes on the following cardiac terms and concepts. Identify and define the following terms and concepts:Identify and define the following terms and concepts:Anatomy of the Heart: Review the following A&P in the ppt!Right side of heart receives blood from where?Left side of heart receives blood from where?What are the 4 valves of the heart?What are the 4 chambers of the heart?Layers of the heart, Where are they located?EndocardiumMyocardiumPericardiumArtery Wall Composition: Review the following A&P in the ppt! Tunica ExternaTunica MediaTunica IntimaEndothelial Cells Produce:Nitric Oxide (NO)EndothelinVascular Endothelial Growth FactorWhat is angiogenesis?When does this happen?Why do we need this?C-type Natriuretic PeptideProstacyclin (PG12)Thromboxane A2 (TXA2)Von Willebrand FactorLipids: Triglycerides, HDL, & LDL: What are lipids?What organ metabolizes them?Triglycerides: DefineHigh-density lipoproteins (HDL): DefineLow-density lipoproteins (LDL): DefineAtherosclerosis vs. Arteriosclerosis (**Instructor video clarification!!)Even though these are commonly found together remember:Atherosclerosis is increase of plaque formation on the arterial wall.Arteriosclerosis is hardening of the arterial wall.Cardiovascular disease risk factors:What impact do these factors have on the vascular pathway?NicotineLipidsGlucoseThyroidAtherosclerosisDiagnostic Tests: What do the following lab tests indicate?Hs-CRPLipid PanelCardiac Catherization/Coronary AngiogramHeart ScanBlood Pressure: Review!Systole:Diastole:Normal Healthy Adult BP:Stroke Volume (SV): What is this?Cardiac Output (CO):What does this measure?Normal output of blood from heart per minute?Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF):What does the LVEF indicate?PVR: What does this measure?How does arterial vasoconstriction impact PVR?How does arterial vasodilation impact PVR?Maintenance of Blood Pressure:Arterial Barorecptors: Where are they locatedWhat do they do?Alpha 1: What does this do?Beta 1: What does this do?Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS): What response does the SNS have when activated?RAAS System: What does this system do and what causes this to be activated?Antidiuretic hormone (ADH): What causes this to be activated?HypertensionImpact of high sodium diet and diabetes on hypertension?Primary:CauseSymptomsSecondary:CauseSymptomsMalignant:CauseSymptomsCoagulation Cascade:Define hemostasis.How long does normal clotting take to occur?What is the purpose of the coagulation cascade?What is fibrinolysis?What is a thrombophlebitis/Deep Vein Thrombosis?List the tests used to confirm a DVT.List 4 signs & symptoms.Cardiac Conduction:Coronary Circulation: Self-Review!Left Anterior Decending Artery (LAD)What part of the heart does the LAD supply?Circumflex ArteryWhat part of the heart does the CA supply?Right CoronaryArteryWhat part of heart does the RCA supply?Collateral ArteriesHow and why do they form?Cardiac Conduction: Self-Review!Angiogenesis: What is this?SA Node: What heart rate does this node keep?AV Node: What heart rate does this node keep?Atrioventricular bundle/Bundle of HIS: What heart rate does this node keep?What 3 electrolytes maintain action potential?Know their normal values!Angina PectorisDefineSymptomsMenWomenCorrelation of oxygen’s supply and demand?Causes of decreased oxygenation to cardiac tissue?Types of AnginaStableUnstable (UA)SilentStressAcute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)What are 3 causes of ACS?Myocardial Infarction (MI)DefineHypoxiaIschemiaInfarction3 factors influencing extent of damageSTEMI: DefineNSTEMI: DefineWhich is more severe?Signs and Symptoms Tests for MIECGCardiac EnzymesHs-CRPCPK-MBChest x-rayCardiac Angiogram/catheterizationTreatmentMONACardiac CatheterizationReperfusion TherapyCardiac Conduction & Disruption: Be able to recognize the following rhythms. They will be from the ppt.Normal Sinus RhythmsPVCVentricular TachycardiaVentricular FibrillationHeart FailureCardiac Output: How does heart failure impact this?Cardiac Preload: What is this?Cardiac Afterload: What is this?Risk FactorsRight-sidedCausesSymptomsLeft-sidedCausesSymptomsDiagnostic TestsTreatmentMAWDHealth Science Science Nursing NURB 340

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