The client is 64 years old. He has been very healthy by repo

The client is 64 years old. He has been very healthy by report and… The client is 64 years old. He has been very healthy by report and very active working as a dairy farmer. He had a stroke affecting his right side 2 weeks ago and currently has a moderate leg weakness with a more significant arm weakness, slurred speech, and mild dysphagia (swallowing difficulty). He is predicted to be ambulatory with a cane, though prognosis of arm function returning is more guarded. It is likely he will improve speech function and swallowing ability but will require some specialization of diet to prevent aspiration. The client has chosen to stop eating, stating that he does not want to live as an invalid. His family is very distressed and wants him to be forced to eat. They cannot imagine why he has made this choice when his prognosis is so good compared to others they have seen in the rehabilitation setting with much more severe deficits. He has been evaluated for depression and an antidepressant has been recommended, which he refuses to take along with all other medications recommended for his newly diagnosed cardiovascular disease. The client is oriented and has not had his competence ed prior to taking this stand. Some of the staff supports his decision and others do not. Discussion with the family reveals that the client has frequently made deriding remarks about persons with disability, including remarks like “If I ever end up that way, just take me out behind the barn and shoot me.” The psychologist comments that the client is frankly depressed and that part of this depression is related to the location of his stroke. He also points out that he feels strongly that should the depression be resolved, the client would likely change his opinion.DiscussionForumAt this point, the client has indicated he has no desire to live with his disabilities, nor does he have any desire to rehabilitate his disabilities.  What types of care are available?What is the difference between the types of care listed in #1?Should the family’s opinions be considered in the client’s care?  Why or why not?What could the nurse and/or healthcare provider do to potentially change the client’s mindset?(Opinion )  Should the client be declared incompetent?  Why or why not? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 022

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