The Christian understanding of spirituality and ethics is fo

The Christian understanding of spirituality and ethics is founded… The Christian understanding of spirituality and ethics is founded on the recognition of God and the recognition that there is a genuine distinction between right and wrong. The word of God, or the Holy Bible, would be the guiding light for any Christian worldview or opinion. This is where the major contradiction between postmodern relativism and health care would emerge. Postmodern relativism is founded on the assumption that there is no such thing as truth or objective reality. It’s tough to think about this in terms of health care because health treatment is founded on facts and precise understanding of illness and disease. Furthermore, the medical profession works for improving patient outcomes on a daily basis, and we do so by incorporating evidence-based knowledge into our procedures. At all times, the Christian perspective is ethical, founded on human experience. It exemplifies the polar opposite of postmodern relativism. Potgieter and Van der Walt (2015) defined the reaction to postmodern relativism as a “value vacuum” in their study. They believe that people and societies are constantly on the lookout for consistency, established values, and axiomatic anchor points with which they can identify and accept as genuine for their life. Because it is based on truth in some way, it is difficult to connect postmodern relativism to healthcare. When it comes to a patient’s depiction of personal experiences, subjective information is respected. However, because relativism lacks evidence and has no relationship with truth, it is neither just nor ethical to base patient treatment on it. 2Scientism is the notion that science has all of the solutions to all of life’s important s (Burch, 2016).Scientism is also a speculative worldview on the universe’s ultimate reality and meaning (Burnett, 2018). Scientism does not allow for the phenomenon recorded in the Bible regarding the creation of all humans and the universe, hence it is not well received by Christians. The ramifications of scientism for religion, according to Burch (2016), are rather limited. If the only things that exist are natural objects that are extended in a closed space-time causal system. Then one of two arguments emerges: (1) God does not exist, or (2) God does exist and must therefore be a natural object that extends in space-time and interacts causally with other natural objects. Christians do not place much emphasis on the concept of scientism. Any idea that God might not exist is intolerable to Christ followers. Christians also reject the idea of God existing as a natural object that extends throughout space. It’s great that there’s a clear distinction between the two. As it pertains to the Christian religion, science and scientism. Though there are scientific doubts about the formation of the world and the rest of the cosmos, it is not as obvious a disrespect for Christ as scientism appears to be, and it is not always taught that way. While science is a wonderful tool for learning about the natural world, it is restricted and not the only way to learn about it (PHI-413V, 2019). Science provides for the possibility of a “other” possibility, whereas scientism is one-sided and centered on the conclusion of scientific explanation for all of its inquiries. 3I would like to think that my explanation of my worldview made sense to everyone.. This, however, may not be the case. I want to do right in this world, treat others with love, and be rewarded handsomely for my good deeds on judgment day. “The way I treat others is not a response to how others treat me,” I am famous for saying. This is because it makes no difference how others behave or react to me. I’ll still treat them with kindness. My rewards are not found on this planet, though I strive for them every day as if they were.   The full acceptance of life as it appears and all of its truths is referred to as ultimate reality. I recognize that this could imply a variety of things to various people, but this is how it appears to me. Many people opt to make life decisions based on beliefs and behaviors that allow them to avoid facing reality. That is something I will not do. I’m going to accept ultimate reality for what it is. It is feasible to stroll along unknown pathways every day. Some of us will attempt to flee what we know to be true. Others will argue that it isn’t true. I’ve decided to accept it. God exists. The Bible is infallible. This is not my last destination on this planet. My ultimate reality is drawn from these things. The nature of the universe, in my opinion, is related to Earth, all other planets, the entire solar system, and space. My conviction is that everything was created by God, just as the Bible says. After hearing an alternative answer from my science teacher, this became a Sunday schoolfor me as a child. Science was instilled in me from an early age, and I was taught to value it.Because God is a person, the human is a person. The concept of the human as “being-as-person” is the genuine seal of that human as “being-as-the-image-of-God,” and therein is the true grandeur that distinguishes human beings from all other creatures, as evidenced by Christian claims. knowledge of many things; acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as a result of study or examination. familiarity or acquaintance with a particular subject or field of studyLiving and letting live is the goal of life. When there is social harmony and a sense of fraternity among its members, society living is feasible. Family and marriage institutions contribute to a society’s harmonious life.. After living a full life, every human being desires salvation.Step-by-step explanationGonzalez-Ayala, J., Cordero, R., & Angulo-Brown, F. (2016). Is the (3+ 1)-d nature of the universe a thermodynamic necessity?. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 113(4), 40006.Harding, S. (2016). Whose science? Whose knowledge?. Cornell University Press.  Health Science Science Nursing NRS-413 433V

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