The case study unfolds: JR is maintaining an saturated oxyge

The case study unfolds: JR is maintaining an saturated oxygen… The case study unfolds:JR is maintaining an saturated oxygen concentration (SAO2) of 92-94% as orderedreceiving oxygen 2-4 l/nasally. The bipap machine is at the bedside to be used atbedtime. When JR falls asleep in the chair his SAO2 drops to 85% and when he is woken upthe level returns to within normal limits (WNL). Pulse oximeter alarms are set to alarm whenthe level drops below 90%. The respiratory therapist and pulmonary physician attended and itwas discussed with JR that we would make frequent rounds (q15-30 minutes) and arecomfortable that his room is near the nurses station.JR’s vital signs remain stable with temperature (T) max 99.0po. JR verbalized theneed to measure and strain urine to capture any sand or stone for analysis and to measureoutput. JR also was able to verbalize the manifestations of urinary tractinfection. Additionally, JR verbalized approval of the bipap machine used in the hospital anddemonstrated use. When his sleep apnea was discussed he shared that he is on a weightreduction regimen which he hopes will positively impact his breathing status. JR was able toverbalize a low calorie, high fiber diet which he has been on at home. His BMI is currently 30and JR states that he has lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months by following a low calorie andhigh fiber diet. Unfortunately, JR continues to experience pain in the left flank area uponmicturation and there is a plan to incorporate new pain management measures into the therapeutic regimen which does not cause JR to become sleepy. JR was able to verbalize theindications and instructions for his discharge medications of ampicillin and inderal as well ashis next physician appointment. 😮 Define the IOM competency of Patient-Centered Caring.o Discuss how the plan of care for JR met or did Not meet the requirements ofthis competency and make recommendations.o Identify specific “knowledge, attitudes, or skills” of the competency whencritiquing this plan of care.o Identify any risks to JR’s safety.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 406

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