Terminology Exam Review What is the combining form for eye?

Terminology Exam Review What is the combining form for eye? The… Terminology Exam Review What is the combining form for eye? The function of crying is? The process of breathing in? Malignant tumours derived from bone marrow is? A suffix meaning production or origin? Oncology is the study of what? Deficiency of calcium in the blood is? Deficiency of sugar in the blood is? Another term for platelets is? Pain in the arm and leg on the same side of the body? The term for nostrils? What means below or under? Loss of memory? The eyeball is located in a bony structure termed what? A sensation that precedes an epileptic seiure or the onset of some types of headaches? A suffix that means “condition of urine”? What is an enlargement of either unilateral or bilateral breasts in males? What means crackles? A partial thickness burn in which the first and second layers of the skin are affected? The musculoskeletal system contains? What does KUB stand for? Cephalad means? What is clubbing? Medical term for nosebleed? What does nocturia mean? An abnormal enlargement of the prostate is? What is hematuria? Prone means what? What is a prognosis? The site where the cancer originates is referred to as what? What is the function of the stomach? Name the 5 senses? What does a flat affect mean? Red blood cells have a lifespan of how many days? Urinalysis is the physical, chemical and microscopic examination. For each give me 2 examples. The upper respiratory tract consists of? How many bones in thumb, fingers, total? Fingers and toes are known as? Pleural Explain the following TNM in oncology? What is a compound fracture? What is the term for low blood sugar? The pituitary gland is also known as? A lump of chewed food is? Another term for ear wax? Medical term for pink eye? Harvest of skin from another human is? Medical term for without pleasure? The first part of the small intestine is known as? What is a psychiatrist? What is a psychologist? Bile is stored where? Another term for dizziness? A new connection created between two structures? Gait is known as? Another term for sexual intercourse? Enlargement of distal phalanges as a result of diminished O2 in blood? LDL is what kind of cholesterol? HDL is what kind of cholesterol? Antibodies are known as? Breasts are known as? Nipples are known as? Dark skin surrounding nipple is? From 3rd to 8th week of pregnancy, the baby is known as? Another term for eardrum? Rates physical health of infant at 1 and 5 minutes? Abnormal hairiness is known as?  -Tell me specialist for each system? Musculoskeletal Integumentary Gastrointestinal Urinary Male reproductive system Female reproductive system Blood, lymphatic and immune system Cardiovascular system Respiratory system Nervous system Endocrine system 3)What are the following Abbreviations? Magnetic resonance imaging White blood cellcountRange of motion Complete blood cell count Open reduction internal fixation Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Estimated delivery date Basal cell carcinoma Vaginal birth after c-section Inflammatory bowel disease Dilation and curettage Premenstrual syndromeComputed tomography Chronic kidney disease Transurethral resection of the prostate Transitional cell carcinoma Kidney, ureters and bladder Benign prostatic hyperplasia Digital rectal examination Prostate-specific antigen Shortness of breath Obsessive compulsive disorder Delirium tremens Coronary artery bypass graft Seasonal affective disorder Coronary artery bypass graft Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Lumbar punctureHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 13379

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