T.H. Brigum does not have a consistent psychiatric provider

T.H. Brigum does not have a consistent psychiatric provider and is… T.H. Brigum does not have a consistent psychiatric provider and is homeless. What disciplines beside nursing make be good consults for mr B ( think of OT, PT, Neurology, Dietary and social work  what the roles of these professionals are inside the hospital)The social worker is looking for a bed at a longer term facility because he is now on conservatorship for one year ( Tom Black of Alameda County is his “public guardian” or conservator.  She this link for clarification https://www.alamedacountysocialservices.org/our-services/Abuse-and-Protection/adult-and-senior-abuse/Public-guardian-conservator#lpsmentalhealthconservatorships (Links to an external site.))T.H. Brigum awaiting a bed at Canyon Manor in Marin. It is a locked IMD and many residents can stay there for a year or more and most are on conservatorship.T.H. Brigum is considered gravely disabled. He has severe cognitive deficits with short term memory. He is paranoid and delusional at times thinking the staff is going to poision him and still cannot carry on a prolonged conversation witih others about his safety or his illness. He is homeless.  He cannot provide adequate food, shelter and clothing and cannot take his medications without supervision and remains GRAVELY DISABLED.He  meets the criteria at present for acute care hospital for the past 4 weeks with uncontrolled mania. They are still adjusting his meds and then he will be transfered when safer to Canyon Manor in Marin.He is very impulsive and smashed a chair in the dayroom almost hitting another resident who changed the television channel.He is now in a private room on constant observation.You must call Tom Black his conservator  with all medication orders for approval such as Latuda 40 mg at bedtime that he was started on. Mr Brigum is risk for CVD because of his obesity and history of hypertension.When constructing the interventions in his care plan:How often would you take his vitals? What recommendations would you make for diet?Develop a care plan for T.H. Brigum based on risk for injury to self or others secondary to impulsivity and mania.Please include medication education on proper dosage, usage and potential side effects. If patient does not take his Latuda the judge has ordered an IM backup of Haldol 5 mg I.M. with benadryl 25 mg.  You would like to establish rapport with the patient to avoid security coming on the unit and giving an IM injection due to his continual mania and poor reality testing. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING N129

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