SYMPTOMS FRAMEWORK FOR PSWs ADAPTED FOR PAIN ONSET: When did the…SYMPTOMS FRAMEWORK FOR PSWs ADAPTED FOR PAINONSET: When did the pain begin?Is this new, or has this happened before?Did it start suddenly or slowly?PROVOKING/PALLIATING: what makes the pain better?Worse?QUALITY: Can you describe the discomfort? How does this symptom affect you?REGION/RADIATING: Where are you feeling the pain?SEVERITY: How severe is the pain? 0= no symptom & 10= the worst imaginable Small, medium, largeMild, moderate, severe TREATMENT: What do you think might be helpful?UNDERSTANDING: What do you think might be happening?VALUES: What are your goals for your pain?WHAT ELSE?: What else you want me to know or do? For the PSWs: Consider your knowledge of this person— what do you see?What do you believe would be helpful?___________________________________________________________SBAR CHART S- SITUATION My name is ____________________.I need to talk with you about ____________________.(person name)Concern is a [] Change in person’s condition[] Ongoing issue [] Safety issue [] Family issueIs it good time to talk now? When?B-BACKGROUND They are experiencing pain.Relevant information (include observations from PPS)A-ASSESSMENT SYMPTOM (Record information gathered with the Symptom Framework for PSWs)Onset – ___________________________________Provoking/Palliating – ____________________Quality- ___________________________________Region/Radiating-________________________Severity -__________________________________Treatment -_______________________________Understanding -__________________________Values -___________________________________What else?- _______________________________Other concerns:R-REQUEST/RECOMMENDATION Can you come and see ____________________?What do you recommend that i do now!What is the plan moving forward?___________________________________________________________Role-play exercise: PSW RoleMr. K has lived on the unit where you work for two years. He is 85 years old and has osteoporosis and a history of multiple fractures. Mr.K. Is cognitively able and alert but is very frail and slow moving.Today when you help him get up he is really hesitant to move and gets out of bed very carefully. When you comment on his slow movements and his apparent stiffness, he says that he is in pain and that he can hardly move because his back is so sore. He says he did not sleep much last night. He is willing to get up to sit in the chair by the bed but does not want to go to the dining room for breakfast. He is very worried about his back.You realize Mr.K.’s condition has changed and that you need to record your observations of his pain, report to the nurse, and ask the nurse for help to develop a new plan for his care today. You remember that you can use the System Framework for PAWs adapted for pain to gather information. You proceed to gather information from Mr. K.___________________________________________________________Role-Play Exercise: Mr. K’s RoleYour PSW comes to help you get out of the bed. You wish the PSW would take care of everyone else first, because you are so sore! Your back hurts worse than it has for ages!When the PSW asks your s about your pain, provide the information as described below.The pain really increased during the night. You don’t know what happened to cause it to get so bad. You are worried that you have another fracture. You hope the doctor will come to see you and check it out.The pain is worse than the other pains you have had before. This one is terrible! In fact, if they ask you to rate the pain, you might even say this pain rates 8 out of 10, on which 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain you can imagine. It hurts in your upper and lower back, and the sharp and shooting pain goes down your legs.You take only the regular medications that the nurse gives you every morning and at lunch and suppertime.You wish your wife were alive, because she would help you by giving you a warm flannel blanket. You wish you could just stay in bed and not get up, and you definitely do not want to go to breakfast. Image transcription textMr. K. is able to answer all of your s. Complete the following: a. Gather information about Mr. K’s painusing the Symptom Framework for PSWs on page 45. b. Record your observations in Mr. K’s “chart”(below). charting c. Use the SBAR on page 46 to prepare an oral report. Deliver the oral report to … Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH PROFESSION 225

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