Suppose you checked the statistics for a hospital in your ar

Suppose you checked the statistics for a hospital in your area and… Suppose you checked the statistics for a hospital in your area and found that it had a significantly higher rate of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) than the national average. Clearly, a problem exists and improvements must be made, but how do we know what needs to be done? As you know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (n.d.) requires annual training on bloodborne-pathogen exposure prevention.Does the training need to be updated to ensure that nurses and other healthcare workers are using the most current evidence-based procedures in aseptic care? Are there issues with monitoring of HAIs, and, if so, how would they be addressed through education? For this Discussion, you will use the Hospital Compare website to examine statistics regarding patient satisfaction, timeliness and effectiveness of care, complications and deaths, unplanned hospital visits, and other indicators of quality of care. Using this data, you will identify an area for improvement. You will examine approaches to analyzing the practice gap to determine whether learning needs can be identified to address the gap. Of course, there is much more to conducting a gap analysis than looking at numbers. Additional sources of data are needed to determine whether the practice gap you identified can be addressed through education, or if another approach is needed.   Access the Hospital Compare website found in this week’s Resources and complete the following:Search for a hospital nearest to you. Select “Add to Compare” and then select “Compare now.”Navigate through the information presented in each tab and compare the information for your selected hospital to the state and national averages.Based on the information you find, identify an area for improvement. Based on your findings, post a brief description of the hospital you chose (note: anonymity will be important, so you might include a description similar to the following: A medium-sized hospital, 150 beds, located in Midwest region of the United States). Next, explain how you would analyze the gap, or area for improvement, to identify learning needs. Include additional sources of information/data needed from the hospital to complete the gap analysis (e.g., staff interviews, data from infection-control nurses, etc.)   Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC

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