Summary of strengths: My strengths are professional skills i

Summary of strengths: My strengths are professional skills in that… Summary of strengths:My strengths are professional skills in that I can work with many different characters and keep appropriate and respectful boundaries. I work well with diverse personalities and understand my duties as a professional nurse to advocate for my patients and family with a robust ethical scope. My strengths are effective communication, motivation, flexibility, and willingness to learn new skills. I can cooperate with multi-disciplinary teams and maintain my scope of practice. I also I can be non-judgmental and show empathy toward my patients and their families. As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner student, it is essential to evaluate strengths opportunities honestly and accurately. Opportunities for growth:I need to work on selecting and implementing appropriate screening tools, interpreting results, and making recommendations and referrals for mental disorders. Having exam confidence in these areas since working at various practicum sites, I still feel like this is an area I can improve.Now, write three to four (3-4) possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources. Goal: Having the proper screening for the clinical and well with the clients, then interpret and develop an appropriate plan of care and refer to another specialty if needed, and recommendations. I will practice and learn these skills during the 11-week course.Objective: In the first three days of our clinical rotation, I will be willing to learn and improve on carefully selecting and executing the appropriate screening instrument for each clinical situation.Objective: Doing procedures and interpreting the screening instrument (s) results, from minimal to no errors.Objective: Do the assignment enough time with supplemental materials to become competent in the next 11 weeks.Goal: At the end of our 11-week course, my skills will be improved in performing comprehensive different mental evaluations and recognizing the distinctions in the findings from patient history and physical examination.Objective: Assessing a mental status examination by precisely taking in significant findings from the patient’s history and physical examination.Objective: Practice examining and understanding examinationsObjective: Look for opportunities to seek guidance and constructive improvements through preceptor oversight and instruction throughout the practicum. Goal: To gain maximize my practicum experience, I will develop my skills in planning for psychiatric treatment that is age-appropriate and evidence-based throughout the 11-week practicum rotation. The plans are to keep studying, reading, and interpreting course material and supplemental resources throughout this practicum 6665 Care Across the Lifespan.Objective: my psychotherapeutic treatment planning by understanding across the LifespanObjective: Implement age-appropriate, evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment plansObjective: Controlling and interpreting course material and supplemental resources throughout this practicum 6665 Care Across the Lifespan.Goal: Expand my practicum experience. I will be ready for my skills that are age-appropriate and evidence-based throughout the the11-week.Objective: In the eleven weeks of our practicum, I will adequately conduct examinations and reflect on interpreting the findings.Objective: By the end of our practicum, I will prepare the process efficiently. Objective: I will be age-appropriate implemented, evidence-based treatment plans for each patient with the guidance and approval of my preceptor.Please revise the underlined section. Thank you. Health Science Science Nursing PRAC 6665

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