Study s for Path of a Red Blood Cell #1. All cells in the…

Study s for Path of a Red Blood Cell #1. All cells in the… Study s for Path of a Red Blood Cell #1. All cells in the body need _________ to survive.a. saturated fatsb. High salt dietc. Oxygend. low-carbohydrate diet #2. When we breathe in, oxygen comes into the alveoli and then diffuses into the:a. pulmonary capillariesb. Aortac. pulmonary arteryd. inferior vena cava #3. In the pulmonary capillaries, most of this oxygen is picked up by:a. Albuminb. Red blood cellsc. plasma fluidd. white blood cells #4. These red blood cells carry the oxygen from the pulmonary capillaries through the pulmonary veins to the left side of the ______.a. lungsb. heartc. liverd. spleen #5. In the heart, the red blood cells go down into the left _________. a. Aortab. lungc. ventricled. Atrium #6. The left ventricle pumps this oxygenated blood through the _______: the main artery in the body.a. Aortab. pulmonary arteryc. femoral artery d. brachial #7. The aorta, and all the other arteries and arterioles in the body carry fully-oxygenated __________ blood to all parts of the body.a. venousb. dark redc. capillaryd. arterial #8. This fully oxygenated, arterial blood travels into smaller and smaller arteries and arterioles until it reaches the arterial ends of the tissue _________.a. cellsb. capillariesc. nucleolid. mitochondria #9. Inside the tissue capillaries the red blood cells give their oxygen to the cells and pick up __________ from the cells.a. ironb. sodiumc. CO2d. potassium 10. Now the red blood cells have less oxygen and more CO2. They go across the capillary bed from the arterial side to the ________ side of the tissue capillaries.a. arteriolarb. venousc. pulmonaryd. coronary #11. Now the red blood cells have crossed over into the venous circulation and will be carried back to the right side of the heart by the ________. a. veinsb. capillariesc. arteriesd. lymph #12. The veins carry the “deoxygenated” blood back to the right side of the heart where it is pumped into the ___________ circulation where the whole cycle begins over again.a. arterialb. venousc. pulmonaryd. vascular #13. What is the main difference between arterial blood and venous blood?       #14. How does blood get from the arterial circulation into the venous circulation?       #15. Where does the circulation pick up oxygen (and give off CO2)?       #16. Where does the circulation give off oxygen to the tissue cells (and pick up CO2)?       #17. What is the difference between an artery and a vein?           Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 210

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