Study Guide for Unit Test 4 on Chapters 11 and 13 Define and

Study Guide for Unit Test 4 on Chapters 11 and 13 Define and… Study Guide for Unit Test 4 on Chapters 11 and 13Define and Spelling Terms: acromegaly; adrenalitis; cardioplegia; cephalalgia; extension; flexion; fenestration; fissure; goiter; gamete; hemiplegia; hypergonadism; hyperkalemia; hypocalcemia; hypoglycemia; insomnia; lesion; lobectomy; neuritis; nosocomial infection; osteoarthropathy; pancreatectomy; polyphagia; polyuria; quadriplegia; radiculitis; somnambulism; opthalmoscopyWhat do these root words or word parts mean? blephar/o; -cusis; gonad/o; irid/o; -ism; kerat/o; myring/o; -it is; -megaly; -ectomy; -otomy; -plegyWhat is the root word for pancreas….What is the word for eyeball…ear…etc? Diseases:What is Addison’s disease?What is Cushing’s syndrome?What is Conn’s syndrome?What is Grave’s disease?What is Meniere’s disease?Specialist:What is a certified diabetes educator?What do you call a doctor that specializes in eyes or ears? What doctor studies hormones or the kidneys?Eyes:Have you ever had Conjunctivitis? What is the slang name for this condition?What does the word convergence mean as it relates to vision and the eyeball?What do you call a visual examination of the fundus of the eyeball with an ophthalmoscope?What is macular degeneration? Myopia? Glaucoma? Ossiculitis? Anisocoria? Cataract? Corneal abrasion? Diplopia? Enucleation? Esotropia? Hemianopia? Strabismus?What are the different segments/chambers of the eye? Where does subconjunctival hemorrhage occur?What is retinal detachment? What is the treatment to repair called? What is retinpexy? What is retinitis pigmentosa and what does it affect?What is strabismus as related to the eyes?  Ears:What is the purpose of the ear’s eustachian tubes? What happens if they are blocked?What is Otosclerosis? Otalgia? Otitis? Presbycusis? Cerumen? Cochlea? Otorrhea? What is vertigo and tinnitus? Why do they occur and what are side effects?Terms for hearing loss and chronic issues with fluid build-up in ears. What do these issues cause for the patient?What is Bone conduction? What is fluorescein staining as it relates to the eyes? What is tympanoplasty? Hormones:What is AHD (antidiuretic hormone do? What happens if there is not enough? Which gland secretes hormones such as insulin and melatonin?What do hormones work and why?What are anabolic steroids? Are they the same as sex hormones? What might they be used for?Are corticosteroids and anabolic steroids the same thing? What is Cortisone and what is the side effect?What is aldosterone? Where is the pineal gland? Where is the pituitary gland? Where is the thyroid? What is parathyroid/o  mean?What does the thyroid do? What is Cretinism? Thymitis? Thyroid carcinoma?What is a thyroid storm? General Body Info:Do you know the complications of diabetes mellitus? What is Diabetes insipidus? Diabetic coma? Diabetic retinopathy? What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)? What is the possible complication of DKA?What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? What is diabetes insipidus? What do you call an unfavorable response to a prescribed medical treatment?What does it mean if a disorder is considered idiopathic in nature? What is sleep deprivation mean? Health Science Science Nursing AHS 102

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