Simulation: The Communicator 2.0 Module: Video Interaction:

Simulation: The Communicator 2.0 Module: Video Interaction: Family… Simulation: The Communicator 2.0Module: Video Interaction: Family in a stressful situationCase Overview: This case is organized into stages. Communicate with each character at each stage to practice applying communication techniques and strategies. Nurse Rose Hall and student nurse Heather Aspen are assigned to care for Alexa Travis in a preoperative setting. Mr. Travis is anxious about his wife’s upcoming surgery. Character Overview:Alexa Travis: Age: 26, Background info: Alexa is being admitted for an exploratory laparoscopy related to unrelieved abdominal pain. she is calm about having her surgery but is worried about her husband’s reaction to everything.Mark Travis: Age: 28, Background info: Mark is Alexa’s husband. He is very anxious about his wife’s upcoming surgery.Rose Hall: Age: 50, Background info: Rose is an experienced nurse. This type of preparation is routine for her.Heather Aspen: Age: 22, Background info: Heather is a student nurse.Anton Kovac: Age: 48, Background info: Anton is a surgeon.Jake Smith: Age: 22, Background info: Jake is assistive personnel. Stage 1:ESCORT: Rose, this is Mr. and Mrs. Travis. She’ll take good care of you.ROSE: Hello. I’m Rose. I’m the nurse from the preoperative area. Mrs. Travis, will you please have a seat? This is Heather. She is a nursing student. She will be working with you today as well.MRS. TRAVIS: Oh, okay. Nice to meet you.HEATHER: Hi. Nice to meet you, too. Could you state your name and date of birth, please?MRS. TRAVIS: Alexa Travis. December 12, 1986.HEATHER: Thank you.ROSE: Okay, we have a little bit of paperwork to do before your surgery, so let’s get started.MRS. TRAVIS: Okay.ROSE: Heather, I want you to start, and I will assist you along the way. You’ve watched me before. I want you to do it this time.HEATHER: Okay. Mr. Travis, I’m going to ask you to step out for a moment while we complete this paperwork and prepare Mrs. Travis for her surgery. This won’t take long. You can wait in the surgery waiting room. And we’ll come to get you when we’re done.MR. TRAVIS: You mean you want me to leave? My wife is having surgery this morning. Can’t I stay with her until she goes to the operating room?MRS. TRAVIS: Honey.Stage 2:HEATHER: Mr. Travis, is there anything I can do for you? I see you looking out into the hallway often. Were you looking for someone?MR. TRAVIS: Yeah, I’m just watching for them to come and get my wife for surgery. I thought maybe they’d get here early. We just want to get this over with. She’s been dealing with this pain for a long time. We just want some answers.MRS. TRAVIS: My husband’s always like this when he’s upset. You’d think he was the one having surgery. We still have 10 minutes until the scheduled time. You really need to calm down, honey. Heather, what can you do here for nervous family members?Stage 3:HEATHER: Mrs. Travis, you pushed your call light. Is there something we can do for you?MRS. TRAVIS: My husband went to the waiting room to get more coffee. I’ve never seen him so nervous. Do you know how soon they’ll come and get me for surgery?HEATHER: We can check on that. Right, Rose?ROSE: Yes, we can check on that.MRS. TRAVIS: Thank you. My husband’s so nervous, he’s making me nervous. I’m having a hard time relaxing. I don’t know what to do to help him calm down so that I can relax.Stage 4:ESCORT: May I help you, Mr. Travis?MR. TRAVIS: I’m so worried. I know I come up here every five minutes or so.ESCORT: Can I get you a bottle of water or something?MR. TRAVIS: No, thanks. I’m fine. Has anyone called for me yet?ESCORT: Uh, no, there have been no calls yet, but it has been a while. I can check again on your wife if you would like.MR. TRAVIS: Yes, that would be great. Thank you.ESCORT: I was just going to call back. Do you have an update for Mr. Travis about how his wife is doing? He hasn’t been able to sit still the entire time that she’s been in surgery. If you don’t have something to tell him, I’m going to just tell him that everything is going to be just fine.MR. TRAVIS: Heather, do you know something about my wife? Why is it taking so long?Stage 5:DR. KOVAC: How are you feeling, Mrs. Travis?MRS. TRAVIS: I guess as expected.DR. KOVAC: Mr. Travis, your wife did very well during the surgery. It took a little longer than we expected.MR. TRAVIS: I was worried.DR. KOVAC: We found a small tumor in her stomach. Because of the size, the surgery was more complicated than we anticipated. We were successful in removing the entire tumor. However, I’m concerned about the appearance of this tumor, and we noted some areas on her liver and her pancreas that were abnormal. We obtained many biopsies, and we should have the results soon. I would like to admit her to the hospital and observe her overnight.MR. TRAVIS: This can’t be happening.  Reflective Journal :1. Write  complete sentence that: Identifies how this scenario enhanced understanding of communication techniques.2. Write complete sentence that Addresses how these communication techniques will be incorporated into their own communication style to improve the nurse-patient/family relationship.     Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH ASS NR304

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