Should We Tolerate the Intolerance of Others? It has become

Should We Tolerate the Intolerance of Others? It has become a rule… Should We Tolerate the Intolerance of Others?It has become a rule to accept diversity, differences, and freedom of speech. Tolerance has become a virtue for some people when imposing their idea or regulations. Despite all the rules and regulations, intolerance remains a significant problem; the concept of tolerance of others should be a better image of a world with diversity and differences. Tolerance is one way street for the one who is intolerant. Freedom of speech cannot simply mean saying what you feel by hurting others with bigotry, stereotypes, stigmatizing, and insulting by self-inhibition.The inability to accept uncertainty is a crucial personality factor of someone intolerant to others. Therefore, we need laws, discipline, and policies to fight an intolerant society. In the article “The Limit of Civil Discourse,” Will Tomer opines, “[P]reaching about the need to listen to everyone is easy when you disassociate it from its perils.” In essence, Tomer says that giving everyone a platform to spread the idea or hatred can be very manipulative.For example: According to The Times, Robert Gregory Bowers, identified as the shooter of the Pittsburgh Synagogue, wrote in the week before the shooting and made some offensive remarks. He also re-posted content by other similarly minded users, Patrick Little. The latter expressed anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, white nationalist/supremacist thoughts and denied the Holocaust. In the “They Say/I say,” author Sean Blanda highlights, “the next time you feel compelled to share a link on social media about current events, ask yourself why you are doing it” (385).The causes of intolerance and the resulting cruelty and inhumanity are selfishness. In the book “A Theory of Justice,” John Rawls contemplates that “we should tolerate intolerance, or else the society will itself become intolerant” (220). Inherently, Rawls tells us that we should allow intolerance as a right and freedom if it doesn’t go against the liberty and freedom of others. Today the idea of tolerance is more powerful than before; with the power of technology and socio media, it’s a prerogative to limit the limitless of certain by prohibited certain acts. We can be elitist about the idea, but we need to see people as they are, treat everyone with dignity and respect. I tend to agree with Tomer’s idea that tolerating intolerance simply means engaging with an issue and expressing your thoughts honestly.Health Science Science Nursing ENC 1101

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