Shirley is 83 year old female with RA, she has been taking..

Shirley is 83 year old female with RA, she has been taking… Shirley is 83 year old female  with RA, she has been taking Methotrexate for last five years. Lately she was complaining of fatigue and weakness, PCP ordered CBC and discovered low Hemoglobin levels. Shirley was told to go to the emergency room and get admitted to receive transfusion and further  work up.  The patient’s energy level improved after 1 unit of PRBC’s, the patient  is asking the nurse why she was scheduled for gastroscopy?     The patient was tested  positive for hemoccult, what  is the significance of the test? The nurse is performing teaching about medication  which will be taken for two month- Protonix and Bismuth salts. The nurse also make sure that the patient understand not to take any  ibuprofen , why?The patient is asking if she should  continue to take her Methotrexate as before, it was on hold while in hospital.72 year old male comes to the emergency department with pain in left lower quadrant, nausea and vomiting. The patient  has history of constipation and diverticular disease.  The nurse is preparing patient for scheduled colonoscopy. What would be an appropriate action by the nurse at this time? What dietary changes should the nurse suggest to prevent  complications f diverticulosis? The patient just received first dose of Unasyn, what other medical management should the nurse expect? What laboratory data should the nurse monitor for?Susan, 37 year old female is admitted to the hospital with biliary colic. The patient has history of gallbladder stones in the past. The patient is very uncomfortable and is having a hard time to cope with the pain.  Susan was admitted on Thanksgiving  day after dinner. The patient is crying in disbelief , and is asking the nurse why this is happening on Thanksgiving day? What  could be the best nurses response? Where the nurse understand the pain will be mostly reported? What is the complication of biliary colic, the patient is at risk for? What laboratory data will be monitored by the nurse and why What other assessment findings would be a priority for this patient?Rory, an 18 year old girl, is admitted to the hospital with a possible appendicitis. She became symptomatic approximately 24 hour prior to her  hospital admission.  Since Rory has been symptomatic for 24 hours, what symptoms does the nurse expects to find when obtaining subjective and objective data that correlates with a diagnosis of appendicitis? Before the nurse sends Rory to have any diagnostic x-rays, what procedure should be performed? Two hours after admission, the nurse observes Rory laying motionless and supine in the bed and she tells the nurse that he feels worse. What may the nurse suspect have occurred during this time frame? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 130

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