Sean is a 50-year-old physically healthy Caucasian male… S

Sean is a 50-year-old physically healthy Caucasian male… Sean is a 50-year-old physically healthy Caucasian male hospitalized on an inpatient psychiatric unit. Sean’s psychiatric diagnoses are schizoaffective disorder bipolar type, and seizure disorder listed on Axis III. Sean receives the following medications: an atypical antipsychotic (Lurasidone) and an anticonvulsant (Depakote). Sean enjoys interacting with his brother when he visits, and Sean enjoys engaging with the staff on the unit. Yet, Sean does not establish friendly or respectful relationships with his peers on the inpatient psychiatric unit. Sean has a known history of aggression towards others and self that includes pushing others, spitting at others, and attempting to hit others with objects. Sean often accuses peers of pestering him and sometimes thinks his peers are out to get him. Sean is known to hit his head against the wall or repeatedly hit his head with his fist during acute psychotic episodes.At present, lunch is being served in the patient dining room. The TV is on and loudly playing the local news of a recent shooting and search for a gunman. Sean is talking and mumbling to himself and pacing the unit, moving about  between ducking in and out of his room and the dining room; Sean’s fists are clenched. Known triggers for Sean’s aggression include a disruptive milieu and feeling that he is being talked down to.Some items Sean likes include soda, walks off unit with a staff member, coloring pages, stickers, and music.3.  From the patient scenario/case study assess/address the following:      a. Patient’s potential for violence including symptoms, predisposing factors, and protective factors.      b. What level of stress, given the patient’s presentation in the scenario, is the patient at on the stress continuum?      c. What interventions might you utilize to de-escalate the patient or to prevent the escalation of violence?4. Develop a behavioral plan of care for this patient. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 350

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